Zoom Teleprompter

Handle tough questions on Zoom with an onscreen teleprompter where your assistant can help you with answers in real time

Answer tough questions on Zoom without breaking a sweat

You’re stumped by a question on Zoom. What do you do? Use an on-screen teleprompter so an assistant can help you with the answer. You respond to the questioner without even breaking eye contact. No sweat! On-screen teleprompter in action I have the BigStage Teleprompter running in a separate browser window besides the Zoom presentation …

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BigStage Teleprompter lets organizer package scripts and questions to ask in a free teleprompter app.

Prepare activists to demand fair redistricting in virtual Town Halls

Public hearings give activists an opportunity to push for fair voting district boundaries. How can activists be equipped with the facts to make their demands forcefully in a pubic hearing? How can they present better in a Town hall on Zoom? A free teleprompter app pre-loaded with talking points that scroll by while presenting.

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