How Tech Activists Harness Purchasing Power to Bring About Change

Money talks. Companies listen when millions of customers boycott their products and services. Peaceful, economic mass-protests aren’t new. Gandhi and Martin Luther Kings Jr. used them. Activists launch bigger, more effective protests using social media and online commerce. The purchasing power of millions of followers’ becomes a powerful tool to

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Is Open Source the Transformative Solution for Activism?

Organizing public rallies really is rocket science. A successful launch needs careful planning and good software. Especially when highly vocal users are involved! How well does open source work for such a demanding application with hundreds of simultaneous events and millions of followers? How is information flow optimized and diverse

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Resisting? Running for office? Get trained online, you will.

Darkness is in the air. The Rebel Alliance is hopelessly outmatched. The Empire terrorizes the galaxy. The rebels train to fight back. The ‘force’ is with them… Oops. Wrong script. That’s Star Wars. Back in the real world, thousands of activists hone their skills to resist and run for office. But, how

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