CNN Border Agent Video Still

You’re suddenly stopped for questioning…

People get stopped for questioning anywhere these days – speaking Spanish in Montana or resembling someone in Oregon. Others encounter sexual harassment, racial discrimination, voter intimidation… How can these encounters be recorded discreetly and help summoned without pulling out a phone? Develop a new app is a common reaction, but

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Is your Voter ID acceptable?

11% of voting-age U.S. citizens don’t have a current government-issued photo ID. That’s roughly 25 million voters in 34 states who don’t have an acceptable Voter ID. Many people don’t realize that in many states, they need both to be registered and to have a valid voter ID in order

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USA War Veteran

Let’s talk about values

When Super Bowl ads are more compelling than campaign messages, we have a problem. How can we appeal to people’s values across the political spectrum? We need new approaches that go beyond just demographics and voting behavior. The Catalist Peoria Project recently completed extensive research on this to: Analyze the

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Michelle Obama speaking to activists

It All Starts With Training

Training new campaign volunteers is hard. They’re often remote, pressed for time and difficult to schedule. Online learning platforms are affordable and offer training on demand. Campaigns struggle to train volunteers as in-person training can’t keep pace with demand. How well would an online learning platform work? To find out, DemLabs developed a course on the Personal Narrative method with a large advocacy group. Originally developed by Marshall Ganz,

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Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

FedEx does it. Uber does it – optimize delivery routes with better software.How can campaigns up their game so canvassers spend less time walking and more time talking with people? The problem is hard, but it isn’t new. Experts have been working on the traveling salesperson problem for years. ‘What’s the shortest possible loop that connects all the points

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Show AND Tell

Attention spans are short. Your call to action has to be clear and compelling. You should both show & tell. Story Maps can help. They combine facts, figures and timelines into a compelling narrative that’s easy to share. Mass shootings are a scourge, but the scope of the horror is often lost in the statistics. This Story

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