Where's the rally?

Where’s the rally?

Uber can immediately match passengers with drivers nearby. Their technology works. So why is it so hard to easily find out about rallies and events nearby? How can organizers broadcast

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picture of an elderly veteran

Leave no voter behind

Many people don’t vote because they can’t get to their polling center. Several groups offer rides, but requesting a ride is often the bottleneck. Many rural voters have neither internet access nor a cell phone. Disabilities prevent others from using keyboards.

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Fight fire, with fire.

It’s ironic that the same technology companies use to slash their workforce, is also being used to organize workers demanding fair treatment. Automation is eliminating jobs for bank tellers and

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Gif "Keep it Civil"

Let’s please keep it civil

How many Facebook discussions are hijacked by trolls? Bots flood discussions with hundreds of messages, drowning out real participants. How can conversations be kept civil in such a hostile environment? A

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What’s your story?

Attention spans are shorter. Complex issues have to be simplified and told persuasively to get people to act. Videos are engaging and informative, but they aren’t interactive. Infographics and memes are engaging, but too short to

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Micro Target Your Canvassers

Uber does it. Lyft does it. Send drivers to where there’s known demand – rather than going to the same old locations as many cabs do. It’s a smarter use of resources. Similar

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Micro-targeting made simple

“GoFundMe raises thousands to place billboard of Trump’s anti-Cruz tweet in Texas”. Where exactly should you place a billboard to reach the people you want to target? Companies face similar challenges every day

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