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Facebook's algorithm monetizes misery to sell more ads

Facebook’s algorithm monetizes misery

“British Ruling Pins Blame on Social Media for Teenager’s Suicide” – NYT An inquest ruled that harmful online content contributed to the 14-year-old’s death. Ian Russell accused Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, of guiding his daughter on a “demented trail of life-sucking content”, after the landmark ruling raised the regulatory pressure on social …

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Google makes millions advertising phony offers

Google’s lucrative hypocrisy explained

How does Google profit from advertising phony offers targeting seniors without facing any consequence? Google’s code of conduct used to be ‘Do no evil‘. Google has dropped that slogan and now anything goes, as long as it makes money. There’s something wrong when seniors can be scammed and the guilty walk away free. Thanks to …

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Bring Zuckerberg and Facebook to justice

Bring Zuckerberg and Facebook to justice

Zuckerberg denies Facebook spreading racist posts, election meddling, COVID disinformation and worse. Superheroes needed to bring him to justice. What can be done to bring Facebook to justice when Zuckerberg has majority control with his Class B shares? How have other corporations like Volkswagen behaving badly been fixed? Should regulations be revised? What does Frances …

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