Visual storytelling works

Free Visual Storytelling App Helps Activists Amplify Their Message

Visual stories are engaging, persuasive and dominate social media. Smart activists use visual storytelling with images, GIFs and videos to engage viewers and drive engagement. Wakelet is a free visual storytelling app that’s ideal for activists. The app is easy to use and lets you communicate visual content in different formats: images, PDFs, cartoons, GIFs …

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Students for Justice coaches the next generation of activists through internships and mentoring

Students For Justice

“Trump-Backed Attorney Wants to Restrict Voting Access on College Campuses” – Complex Why are Republicans so afraid of young people voting? Could it be related to the GOP blocking student debt relief? Mass shootings at colleges? Denying access to abortions? Blocking a minimum living wage? “Longtime legal strategist Cleta Mitchell outlined the scheme Saturday during the Republican National Committee …

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BigStage Teleprompter lets organizer package scripts and questions to ask in a free teleprompter app.

Prepare activists to demand fair redistricting in virtual Town Halls

Public hearings give activists an opportunity to push for fair voting district boundaries. How can activists be equipped with the facts to make their demands forcefully in a pubic hearing? How can they present better in a Town hall on Zoom? A free teleprompter app pre-loaded with talking points that scroll by while presenting.

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