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Video clip from "From Russia with Love"

From Russia with love.

Phishing attacks have blown up many Democratic campaigns and are still widely used to steal log-in credentials. Consider Google’s free Advanced Protection service to safeguard your data. And if you still think you’re safe, read on… Charges from Grand Jury in the District of Columbia “Defendant BORIS ALEKSEYEVICH ANTONOV (AHTOHOB Bopnc AneKceeBm) was a Major in the Russian military assigned to Unit 26165. ANTONOV …

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Alexa, what ID do I need to vote?

Over 25 million eligible voters lacking the right Voter ID may be prevented from voting. And getting an acceptable ID in thirty four states with Voter ID laws is both confusing and difficult. VoteRiders offers voters a free helping hand in understanding Voter ID requirements and how to get their own ID. This non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) group, is dedicated to ensuring that all eligible American citizens can vote. Help is provided …

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They don’t want you to vote

The Supreme Court just ruled aggressive purging of voter rolls. “States can now kick people off the rolls if they skip a few elections and fail to respond to a notice from election officials”. Who will these voter roll purges impact the most? This map shows areas with the highest minority densities. Click here on the map to see the areas where inactive voters are …

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A video still from an informative video about Human Centered Design.

Join The Search Party For Fifty Million Unregistered Voters

There are FIFTY million unregistered voters in America! The number of voters is being threatened with voter roll purges and restrictive voter ID policies. Every single voter and every single vote is important.  Especially if they are part of the Rising American Electorate (RAE) – single women, minorities and millenials. The RAE are not registered …

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Argis Story Map - Voter Participation

All Votes Count. Some Just Count More Than Others.

The right to vote is under attack. Confusing requirements and other hurdles are designed to discourage specific groups from voting. And turnout drops with voter suppression, as the 2016 election shows. Here are just of some of the hurdles: – Complex voter registration requirements – The risk of being purged from the voter rolls – Obtaining the proper voter ID …

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CNN Border Agent Video Still

You’re suddenly stopped for questioning…

People get stopped for questioning anywhere these days – speaking Spanish in Montana or resembling someone in Oregon. Others encounter sexual harassment, racial discrimination, voter intimidation… How can these encounters be recorded discreetly and help summoned without pulling out a phone? Develop a new app is a common reaction, but often it’s smarter to first …

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Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

FedEx does it. Uber does it – optimize delivery routes with better software.How can campaigns up their game so canvassers spend less time walking and more time talking with people? The problem is hard, but it isn’t new. Experts have been working on the traveling salesperson problem for years. ‘What’s the shortest possible loop that connects all the points in an area with the least time …

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Oppo Research Done Right

Good oppo research requires experience and manpower – two things in short supply. A new group meets these needs by combining the savvy of campaign veterans with the energy of online volunteers. This lowers the cost and time needed for oppo research, making it available to more progressive campaigns. Research is split into smaller tasks and assigned (crowdsourced) to volunteers along with the online sources to …

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Don’t Mess With Seniors

Why is it so hard for some seniors to vote? Could the locations of polling centers be influencing turnout? You make the call. Case Study We decided to take a closer look at Richmond, Virginia where senior citizens and minorities make up a significant portion of the electorate. Here are the results of a recent project by DemLabs, ESRI, People Demanding Action (PDA), TargetSmart and Davis Wright & Tremaine …

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