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Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

FedEx does it. Uber does it – optimize delivery routes with better software.How can campaigns up their game so canvassers spend less time walking and more time talking with people? The problem is hard, but it isn’t new. Experts have been working on the traveling salesperson problem for years. ‘What’s the shortest possible loop that connects all the points in an area with the least time …

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Oppo Research Done Right

Good oppo research requires experience and manpower – two things in short supply. A new group meets these needs by combining the savvy of campaign veterans with the energy of online volunteers. This lowers the cost and time needed for oppo research, making it available to more progressive campaigns. Research is split into smaller tasks and assigned (crowdsourced) to volunteers along with the online sources to …

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Don’t Mess With Seniors

Why is it so hard for some seniors to vote? Could the locations of polling centers be influencing turnout? You make the call. Case Study We decided to take a closer look at Richmond, Virginia where senior citizens and minorities make up a significant portion of the electorate. Here are the results of a recent project by DemLabs, ESRI, People Demanding Action (PDA), TargetSmart and Davis Wright & Tremaine …

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Canvass better with smarter software

Getting Arms To The Front Lines

Why do so many progressive campaigns in the real world still use yesterday’s technology? Campaigns over-spend on out-of-date software. Startups struggle to get new apps to candidates. Training is spotty.  We can do better. Background DemLabs has engaged with campaigns, tech firms and political groups for over a year to learn what technology is needed and what’s already available. We’ve …

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How to Use Facebook to Nudge Low Propensity Voters to the Polls

Low-propensity voters are an elusive target, but they’re often the margin for victory. Could sales techniques on social media be applied to increase LP voter turnout? A team of inside players and outside groups experimented with a small budget on Facebook in the recent Virginia election. Here are some of the lessons learned by DemLabs and Local Majority, …

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How Tech Activists Harness Purchasing Power to Bring About Change

Money talks. Companies listen when millions of customers boycott their products and services. Peaceful, economic mass-protests aren’t new. Gandhi and Martin Luther Kings Jr. used them. Activists launch bigger, more effective protests using social media and online commerce. The purchasing power of millions of followers’ becomes a powerful tool to demand change. How are such …

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