Winning messages from 2022 midterms were about freedom, abortion rights and protecting democracy

Winning 2022 midterms messages

What was the winning midterm message? Freedom. Democrats described freedom differently: from women’s freedom to decide for themselves (AOC), freedom to learn (Josh Shapiro) to economic freedom (Wes Moore). Excerpts of their inspiring messages are bundled in the free BigStage Teleprompter so you can practice delivering them too. “Americans value our freedoms — our freedom …

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Organize to demand Roe be codified and womens rights protected

Midterm message: Codify Roe

THE MIDTERMS HANDED DEMOCRATS IN CONGRESS A MANDATE TO CODIFY ABORTION RIGHTS. USE IT. Voters in several states where abortion was on the ballot were generally favorable to abortion rights. This summer’s U.S. Supreme Court decision overturning decades of abortion-rights precedent left the issue of abortion rights to the states. That raised the stakes for voters in several …

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Mapping the key races to hold the house in 2022

Mapping the key races for Democrats to Hold the House

Democracy is on the ballot. Which races will determine if Democrats will Hold The House? Who are the candidates? How can you support them? How can technology help keep track of these races in a fast moving environment. A volunteer group created this map with the help from DemLabs using a list of 75 key …

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