Women topple a dictator

Women topple dictator

A cruel administration abuses citizens. Thousands die. Violence is incited to overturn election results. Women lead a mass movement. Dictator is overthrown. Sound familiar? No. It’s not America. This was Chile. How does a popular, women-led, grassroots democratic movement toppled a male, pale and stale dictatorship. What role does art and culture play in a …

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American Freedom Agenda presents the Democratic vision for the country

The American Freedom Agenda Can Save the Democratic Party

 “An overarching agenda with a name that ties it all together and simplifies what’s happening for voters and is easy to share.” – Dan Pfeiffer, MessageBox “Democrats should offer a straightforward, comprehensive agenda and commit to passing it if they keep control of Congress and get true control of the Senate. Such an agenda could …

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Trump destroys evidence. Republican hypocrisy.

How to destroy evidence*

Republican hypocrisy lampooned. How do you highlight Republican hypocrisy in ignoring Trump’s destruction of confidential documents, while complaining about Hillary’s email server. Use ridicule Saul Alinsky would advise. This blog explains how this lampoon was created in a three hours using the free Infogram app, ten cartoons from Political Cartoons along with a QR Code …

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