How Republicans make heatwaves deadlier

How politicians make heatwaves deadlier

Abbott signed a bill that eliminates local rules mandating water breaks for construction workers. – USA Today Abbott Signs “Death Star” Act That Limits Municipalities’ Ability to Self-Govern. The new law will make it next to impossible to protect workers and consumers at the local level” How does this impact the lives of Texans? We mapped:– …

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Heatwave map burns Republicans denying climate change while being funded by fossil fuel firms.

Heat wave 2021 map ‘burns’ climate deniers

Heat waves kill Americans. Homes and businesses destroyed. Droughts ravage farms. But Republicans deny climate change and block common sense measures to fight it. What gives? Follow the money. This StoryMap combines a real time map of heat waves and weather hazards and is continuously updated with data from the National Weather Service. Details on …

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