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American Taliban ban abortion pills

American Taliban Bans Abortion Pills

“Extremist Federalist Society Judges Restrict Critical Abortion Pill” How did we get here, when a small group of religious extremists can deny millions of women their freedoms? Follow the money. Who funds the Federalist Society that grooms extremist judges and gets them into positions of power? Who donates to the MAGA Republicans to stack the …

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#BoycottWalgreens app on a phone

#BoycottWalgreens rapid response app

“Calls to boycott Walgreens grow as pharmacy confirms it will not sell abortion pills in 20 states, including some where it is legal.” – Business Insider “The decision came in response to a letter from 20 state attorneys general who oppose abortion rights, encouraging Walgreens not to make the drugs available in their states. Walgreens’ …

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Follow the money to see how billionaires using tax deductible donations to dodge taxes and get the laws they want passed

Where is the dark money pushing to ban abortion pills coming from?

Conservative group sues FDA to revoke approval of abortion pill – Washington Post Who is this group? What is their agenda? Who funds them? What else are they up to? Follow the dark money… How do billionaires get to dodge taxes by secretly making tax deductible donations to groups helping support an insurrection? Denying women …

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