Tracking Twitter Trolls

Keep an eye on trolls activity and report harassment to Twitter. New apps make it easier and more affordable to monitor trolls. Who is behind the Twitter bots attacking you? What messages are they are pushing? How should you respond? How can you separate tweets from trolls and real people? DemLabs tested a new app by analyzing the Twitter attacks on Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib. Background “The …

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Triage voters for better results

Doctors triage patients. They divide patients into those who don’t need treatment, those beyond hope, and those they should focus on. Campaigns should triage voters and focus limited resources on persuadable voters. Geri Ventura, an organizer with several local Indivisible groups and Josephine County Democrats, uses this approach to encourage Non-Affiliated Voters (NAV) to register their party affiliation in order to vote …

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Podcast Training Retreat For Women Changemakers

Millions listen to podcasts but not enough are hosted and produced by women. How can we fix this? An exclusive Be Your Change workshop will train fifteen women to harness the power of podcasts for social good. Attendees will learn how to create and distribute their own podcast at this four day retreat in Arizona. DemLabs is offering two free scholarships. Podcasting basics …

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Moscow Mitch Explains Impeachment In Russian

Spoof videos are weapons of mass persuasion.  They convert popular movie clips into political messages disguised as satire. The videos are inexpensive to make, but get millions of views as they’re mass shared. How are memes created? Storylines chosen? We created a spoof video to see how it’s done. Background “A violent parody aired this weekend at President Trumpĺs Miami-area golf resort Ś …

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I Will Be Heard

There are two ways to hold onto power. Get more people to support you, or silence those who don’t. One way is to deny people their voice by not counting them in the census and by making it harder for them to vote. Lack of internet access is a high-tech gag. Many marginalized communities lack internet access. …

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