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Let’s please keep it civil

How many Facebook discussions are hijacked by trolls? Bots flood discussions with hundreds of messages, drowning out real participants. How can conversations be kept civil in such a hostile environment? A

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What’s your story?

Attention spans are shorter. Complex issues have to be simplified and told persuasively to get people to act. Videos are engaging and informative, but they aren’t interactive. Infographics and memes are engaging, but too short to

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Micro Target Your Canvassers

Uber does it. Lyft does it. Send drivers to where there’s known demand – rather than going to the same old locations as many cabs do. It’s a smarter use of resources. Similar

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Micro-targeting made simple

“GoFundMe raises thousands to place billboard of Trump’s anti-Cruz tweet in Texas”. Where exactly should you place a billboard to reach the people you want to target? Companies face similar challenges every day

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Reach more people

Just as with any interaction, people respond better when you speak their language and reply personally to their questions. How’s this done online with thousands of people? Websites and email

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Don’t talk to strangers

Don’t talk to strangers. Especially if they’re sending you phishing emails.  Hackers trick you into opening phishing emails by pretending to be from a trusted source. This often starts with them getting a domain name that

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A gathering of Native Americans around a drum.

We’re on the warpath

Five million Native Americans live in battleground states such as Arizona, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada and North/South Dakota. They could have a big impact in the midterms – if they voted. But voting rates on reservations are

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A desk with office supplies and an American flag

East meets West

DC and Silicon Valley are thousands of miles apart – in more ways than one. But when the two connect, good things happen. Voter Participation Center (VPC) is a DC institution that has

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An animated image of June from "The Handmaid's Tale" sighing in exasperation.

Where’s my prescription?

“An Arizona women was suffering a miscarriage and her pharmacist refused to fill her prescription because he decided that his beliefs were more important than what she and her doctor decided was

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Check the fine print

Donations are just one way to support the causes you believe in. Programmers with more creativity than cash, can support their values by restricting how their software can be used. Microsoft Employees Protest Work

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Video clip from "From Russia with Love"

From Russia with love.

Phishing attacks have blown up many Democratic campaigns and are still widely used to steal log-in credentials. Consider Google’s free Advanced Protection service to safeguard your data. And if you still think you’re safe, read on… Charges from Grand

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Alexa, what ID do I need to vote?

Over 25 million eligible voters lacking the right Voter ID may be prevented from voting. And getting an acceptable ID in thirty four states with Voter ID laws is both confusing and difficult. VoteRiders offers voters a free helping

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Jon’s Getting It Done.

When you have a solid track record of results, let the facts speak for themselves. The Tester campaign just launched an interactive StoryMap to highlight how he’s fighting for Montana.

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Is your Voter ID acceptable?

11% of voting-age U.S. citizens don’t have a current government-issued photo ID. That’s roughly 25 million voters in 34 states who don’t have an acceptable Voter ID. Many people don’t

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USA War Veteran

Let’s talk about values

When Super Bowl ads are more compelling than campaign messages, we have a problem. How can we appeal to people’s values across the political spectrum? We need new approaches that

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Michelle Obama speaking to activists

It All Starts With Training

Training new campaign volunteers is hard. They’re often remote, pressed for time and difficult to schedule. Online learning platforms are affordable and offer training on demand. Campaigns struggle to train volunteers as in-person training can’t keep pace with demand. How

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Knock. Knock. Who’s there?

FedEx does it. Uber does it – optimize delivery routes with better software.How can campaigns up their game so canvassers spend less time walking and more time talking with people? The problem is hard, but

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Show AND Tell

Attention spans are short. Your call to action has to be clear and compelling. You should both show & tell. Story Maps can help. They combine facts, figures and timelines into a compelling narrative that’s easy to

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Oppo Research Done Right

Good oppo research requires experience and manpower – two things in short supply. A new group meets these needs by combining the savvy of campaign veterans with the energy of online volunteers. This lowers the cost and time needed

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Don’t Mess With Seniors

Why is it so hard for some seniors to vote? Could the locations of polling centers be influencing turnout? You make the call. Case Study We decided to take a closer look

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There is a better way. But it’s hard to find when you’re busy. That’s where DemLabs comes in. We test new apps in campaigns and share our findings with progressive

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Getting Arms To The Front Lines

Why do so many progressive campaigns in the real world still use yesterday’s technology? Campaigns over-spend on out-of-date software. Startups struggle to get new apps to candidates. Training is spotty.  We can

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This Little Light Of Mine

2018!  It’s finally “midterm election” year and DemLabs is geared up with some New Ways to Win!  We are excited to introduce you to a new tool that will help

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