19 February, 2024

President Day audio tribute to President Biden

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Thank you President Biden. Audio Tribute.

Leadership with strength and warmth

"President Biden has probably been the strongest president since FDR, and if we help him get a second term, historians will see him as one of the greatest." - Dr. Drew Westen, Professor, Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry, Emory University.

"The Republicans are aiding and abetting our greatest enemy since World War II, what Putin sees as the greater Soviet Union, and which every president other than Donald Trump saw as our major adversary, and they should be quoting Ronald Reagan and shaming their Republican competitors in debates, ads, and television performances and telling them how Ronald Reagan and every American political leader since 1945 would view them as fools, cowards, and traitors in siding with Russia; not caring that Ukraine is democracy‘s firewall; and that love of country should come before not only love of party but fear of and idolatry toward Donald Trump." - Dr. Drew Westen

Listen to an adapted version of Dr Westen's essay in this 5 min podcast in either English or Spanish. DemLabs created these 5 minute audio tributes to President Biden for President's Day using AI in less than an hour. More people need to know about what President has accomplished for us - regardless of the language they speak and whether they prefer to read or listen.

Thank you President Biden. An audio tribute to President Biden.

Just look at President Biden's record. He has probably been the strongest president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR. And if we help President Biden get a second term, historians will see him as one of the greatest. Listen.

Thank you President Biden. An audio tribute to President Biden.

Basta mirar el historial del presidente Biden. Probablemente haya sido el presidente más fuerte desde Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR. Y si ayudamos al presidente Biden a conseguir un segundo mandato, los historiadores lo verán como uno de los más grandes. Escuchar.

Thank you, Mr. President!

President Joe Biden emanates warmth. He can speak to survivors of tragedy the way Bill Clinton did. And The way Barack Obama did when he began singing Amazing Grace. President Biden‘s personal story renders him genuine and believable.

Just look at President Biden's record. He has probably been the strongest president since Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR. And if we help President Biden get a second term, historians will see him as one of the greatest. No one else could have led us out of the greatest Public Health crisis in a century and so efficiently administer those vaccines when the deadliest wave of Covid had just killed one million Americans. That is one in every 300 of us!

Remember your own personal experience? Remember how quickly the lines moved in large facilities, pharmacies, and the mixture of public and private institutions he wisely drew upon to make sure that everyone who wanted the vaccine anywhere could get it. Including mobile vans that went into urban neighborhoods and rural areas that would otherwise have been underserved the way they always are.

No one else could have figured out the right combination and the right amount of stimulus the economy needed to prevent the kind of lingering, brutal, low-grade recession we had. So many generations of especially young Americans felt, as they came out of high school, technical school, or college with no jobs or career paths on the horizon, after the Great Recession. He was in the White House as vice president and saw how half a stimulus produced a half-recovery, and he was not going to repeat that mistake.

No one could have so adeptly responded to the greatest internal threat to the United States in 150 years that took place on January 6 as Joe Biden. With his calm resolve and his refusal to do what the media have foolishly done, which has been to focus our attention on Trump, whose every antic the media amplify as if he were the current president and which President Biden ignores except where they require comment.

  • No one could have restored America’s place in the world as the leader of the free world and as the world’s economic superpower without his extraordinary knowledge, wisdom, and knowledge of who to bring onto his team after we had hemorrhaged 20 million jobs and so many small businesses during the pandemic.
  • No one else could have not only reunited NATO after its destruction by Donald Trump but expanded it and encircled and contained Putin and turned him into a pariah rather than a world leader - and brought along much of the world with us.
  • No one else has been able to pass a badly needed infrastructure act that not only looked backward, towards fixing our aging and dangerous roads and bridges, but looked forward, towards electric charging stations and the infrastructure of the 21st-century.
  • No one else has brought jobs back to America and focused on and delivered on bringing manufacturing back to America. Not pie in the sky promises of bringing back old technologies and deadly fuels that Trump promised, but the technologies of the 21st-century.
  • No one else recognized and made it a priority to bring superconductor manufacturing back to America, which is not only essential to our economy but to our national security.
  • No one else could have passed a clean energy and climate bill with a one-vote majority in a Senate which included the king of coal from West Virginia. And no one else announced before the beginning of his term that one of the four pillars of his agenda was racial equity. Or had the historical understanding to feel called to run for president in 2020, and to be running for the most stressful job in the world.
  • President Biden has dramatically reduced Black unemployment. President Biden cut the child poverty rate in half. Then the Republicans raised it back up again.
  • President Biden will cut the earning differential between whites and blacks and Latinos in half in his second term If he gets a Democratic Congress, President Biden can simply pass a $15 minimum wage. He stood on the picket line with workers of every color, proudly using the term “union“. We have not heard from a president in over 50 years! - Dr. Drew Westen

That's real strength in leadership. Thank you President Biden!

President Biden provides student debt relief

Encourage the media to cover what really matters

Those of us who have the capacity to “work the refs“ should daily point that out to them. The unequal amount of attention they pay to Biden and Trump because Biden‘s actions tend to be positive and normal, whereas Trump‘s are negative and abnormal and thus more “interesting,“ unless you use a little creativity to interest voters in what’s actually meaningful to their lives.

Westen Strategies, LLC

Drew Westen, Ph.D., founder of Westen Strategies, is a Professor in the Departments of Psychology and Psychiatry at Emory University.  He formerly taught at the University of Michigan and Harvard Medical School.  He is also co-founder of Implicit Strategies, LLC, and the author of three books and over 150 scholarly articles, including The Political Brain: The Role of Emotion in Deciding the Fate of the Nation, which has influenced campaigns and elections around the world. 

They begin with a simple question:  How would you talk with voters if you started with an understanding of how our minds and brains work and evolved?  It seems like a common-sense starting point, but it leads to a very different way of talking with voters than the approach used in most progressive politics around the world, which leads with policies, facts, and figures and assumes that good ideas will largely sell themselves.  Nothing could be further from the truth. - Westen

TakeAway: Thank you President Biden!


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