9 February, 2024

Dating Advice For MAGA INCELS Upset That Taylor Swift Is Dating Travis Kelce

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Dating advice for INCELS upset that that Taylor Swift is dating Travis Kelce

GOP dudes are big mad at Taylor Swift for reminding them that the ladies don't like them

"The pop star's relationship with NFL player Travis Kelce draws out the incel-adjacent impulses of MAGA men." - Salon

"... because you can't get women to like you, let alone go out with you... how did you ever imagine hating on us would be a turn on? How did you think calling us all kinds of name would make us fall at your feet? If you want women to like you and want to be with you, stop listening to idiots grifting off your naivete and start listening to what women are telling you they look for in a man. Hint... it's not a bully." Listen to Muriel Vieux.

What does dating advice have to do in a blog about technology and politics? Read Muriel's dating advice first and then I'll explain the connection with MAGA incels.

Dating Advice For INCELS Upset That Taylor Swift Is Dating Travis Kelce

What is an INCEL?

"Incels are misogynists who are deeply suspicious and disparaging of women, whom they blame for denying them their right to sexual intercourse.

Theirs is a relatively new take on a “male supremacist” worldview, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. The center, which closely tracks hate speech, reports that incels grew out of the pickup artist movement, which takes a manipulative approach to seduction, but is rejected by incels who find it too humanizing of women. At their most extreme, incels have advocated rape and other forms of violence against women." - NY Times

"‘Incel’ Is Charged With Plotting to Shoot Women,. An Ohio man who was part of an online community of “incels,” or misogynists who blame women for denying them what they believe is their right to sexual intercourse, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with plotting to shoot students in sororities, federal prosecutors said." - NY Times

MAGA Republicans exploit INCELS

Consider how MAGA Republicans wage their war on women. Is it any surprise that MAGA incels struggle to get a date?

Domestic abusers just got more gun rights, thanks to the Supreme Court. Elena Kagan, took stock of the ruling's predictable consequences, pointing to, among other things, a study that found women are five times more likely to be killed by abusive partners with access to guns. - MSNBC

New Abortion Bans: Almost No Exceptions for Rape. There are no allowances for victims of rape or incest in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee or Texas. - NY Times

Controversial Republican measure to overhaul permanent alimony. "“On behalf of the thousands of women who our group represents, we are very disappointed in the governor’s decision to sign the alimony-reform bill. We believe by signing it, he has put older women in a situation which will cause financial devastation. The so-called party of ‘family values’ has just contributed to erosion of the institution of marriage" - NBC Miami

Republicans wage war on women and INCELS complain they cannot get a date

Stop listening to conservative men

"Whether you want to get laid, have a girlfriend, get married and have children... you need to stop listening to conservative men right now. Your problem with women isn't that they are too liberal or woke, but that you keep listening to men who hate women... and you think that's gonna work for you?.

I hear you're lonely, depressed, alone, sad, mad and everything in between because you can't get women to like you, let alone go out with you... how did you ever imagine hating on us would be a turn on? How did you think calling us all kinds of name would make us fall at your feet?

If you got anger issues get a punching bag and have at it. But stop thinking women are your problem, we are not. Your enemies are those idiots you listen to: Charlie Kirk, Josh Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate, Tim Pool, Matt Walsh, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Jesse Waters, etc... and even certain right-wing women commentators. These people are the ones ruining your lives! Not us, not women." - Muriel Vieux

Republican War On Women

Trump and Republicans ban abortions. Deny women their freedoms and promote misogyny.

Angry MAGA incels

"Media Matters documented dozens of examples of right wing pundits attacking the couple, often under the pretext that Kelce is allegedly evil for promoting the COVID-19 vaccine, since even good health is now demonized on the right. In the process, there was a lot of insulting of Kelce's manhood, as the soft-tummied commentators called Kelce names like "beta" or mocked how Swift would "break his heart." One Fox commentator demanded the couple break up. Stew Peters, a host on the popular Rumble network, took it a step further and called for both Kelce and Swift to be executed

What was most hilariously telling, however, were the conservative men trying to front like they think Swift isn't that hot. Jamie Frevele at Mediaite collected some examples.

Indeed, the irony of all this is that, in appealing to young men through grievance, the right is only making men's problems worse. If you're having trouble with the ladies, going MAGA intensifies your unlikeability. But isn't that what cults always do? Sell their members "solutions" that actually compound their existing problems. " - Salon

Muriel Vieux

Muriel Vieux, is the author of "L'Âme au Soleil". She is a committed poet, she expresses through poetry  the vicissitudes of morals, the happy or unhappy events that occur in the lives of her people. Most of her writings are about social, racial, political issues either in the US or in Haiti her two countries. "I can not help myself to write, that is how I communicate, even if no one was reading I would still write every day."

Take Away: Listen to women: Stop the MAGA Republican WAR ON WOMEN. Vote for President Biden and Democrats.


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