17 May, 2023

North Carolina MAP OF SHAME

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North Carolina MAP OF SHAME.  Republicans push through an abortion ban.

"North Carolina Republicans ram through ABORTION BAN as crowds chant 'Shame! Shame! Shame!" - HuffPo

"The 12-week ban and its additional restrictions concerning medication abortion are set to go into effect on July 1. “Let me tell you what ― mainstream bills don’t get written in secret, kept under lock and key, introduced in the dark of night, kept from public input, protected from any amendments and then get rammed through in less than 48 hours”, said Democratic Governor Roy Cooper.

Tricia Cotham switched parties earlier this year, handing Republicans their critical veto-proof supermajority. The former Democrat was once an outspoken advocate for abortion rights, even sharing her own abortion story on the House floor in a passionate plea against an abortion restriction in 2015. Earlier this year, she co-sponsored a bill to codify abortion protections as a response to the Supreme Court’s decision to repeal Roe v. Wade last summer." - HuffPo

Harness the outrage. Let people hurt by the Republican bill know which reps voted for it. How to contact them. A script of what to say. And how to support organizing efforts to vote for reps who will stand up for women's rights. Above all, do it quickly while the outrage is read hot. Time is of the essence!

Harness the outrage

North Carolina map of shame show which Republican reps voted to strip women of their freedoms.

Mobilize fast

This map includes district boundaries of all North Carolina State House and Senate districts along with the rep who is paid to represent that district. This map has been filtered to only show the Republican reps who voted to ban abortions. The map also includes:
- A sample script that supporters can use to call their rep
- Details on organizing efforts by Put North Carolina First (PNCF)
- Details on upcoming PNCF events and how to donate to support their fight to protect women's rights

This map can be freely shared with this link or embedded in a website with this code: < iframe width="800" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen src=""></iframe>

Give supporters a script to call their rep with

Harness the outrage. Help voters quickly find who their rep is and how to contact them. Give supporters a script they can use to call their reps. This script was created with the BigStage Teleprompter app and can be freely shared with this link. This script was adapted from this Planned Parenthood phone script.

Organizers can change the script at any time and all the supporters immediately get the updated script. Supporters can use the free version of the teleprompter on their phone or laptop without having to install any software.

Harness the outrage. Help voters quickly find who their rep is and how to contact them. Give supporters a script they can use to call their reps. This script was created with the BigStage Teleprompter app and can be freely shared with this link.

All In For North Carolina

All in for NC focused on multiple races in order to preserve the Governor’s veto power while also campaigning for Democrat Cheri Beasley for Senate. They helped keep volunteers engaged and informed in monthly meetings featuring elected officials, candidates, local leaders, and North Carolina experts, recruited volunteers in large events, and, in partnership with Swing Blue Alliance, engaged with voters through deep canvassing, postcard writing, and phone banks. The organization also fundraised for candidates to ensure they had the resources they needed to run successful campaigns. - Swing Blue Alliance

Hold Republicans accountable

North Carolina has experienced a 37% increase in abortions since Roe fell — the highest percentage increase of any state. Florida, the state with the second highest increase in abortions since Dobbs, is also staring down a six-week abortion ban that is likely to go into effect in July. These restrictions are only expected to create more barriers to care, forcing people who can do so to travel even farther to get abortions, and other people to continue with unwanted pregnancies.

North Carolina Republicans crafted the abortion ban behind closed doors, unveiling it earlier this month to the surprise of many voters in the state. Instead of introducing a new piece of legislation, Republican lawmakers quietly tucked the 46-page abortion restriction into an unrelated piece of legislation. The move allowed anti-abortion lawmakers to circumvent the committee process, where most public testimony is heard, and go straight to a vote.

“Senate Republicans know that by talking about abortion, it’s bad for them,” state Sen. Sydney Batch (D) told HuffPost on Monday. “They want this done as quickly as possible. They want to hold this override and they want to be done talking about abortion.”

Donate now to fund one of North Carolina’s biggest challenges: finding qualified, trained field leaders for year-round organizing. Early money means these leaders are in place a full year before election-crunch time.

Republicans deny women access to abortions and their freedom to choose

TakeAway: Hold Republicans accountable for their actions that deny women their rights and deprive those in need of their benefits. No wonder they gerrymander to cling to power!



Image credit: Ann Telnaes, Washington Post

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