11 February, 2023

DeSantis pushes for concealed firearms without permits or training. Check Florida gun violence map.

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Florida GUN VIOLENCE MAP as DeSantis pushes for concealed firearms WITHOUT PERMITS OR TRAINING

"DeSantis pushes Florida lawmakers to pass permitless carry law in 2023" - WFLA

St. Petersburg police Chief Anthony Holloway, opposes permitless carry and worry that more people carrying guns with less training will mean more danger for police and the public. “My concern is that with more guns on the street, there may be a greater potential for simple arguments to escalate to gun violence." - MSN

  • How many shooting incidents have there been in Florida recently?
  • How many people have died or been injured?
  • Which Florida state Reps and Senators represent areas where shooting took place?
  • How much did Florida legislators get from the National Rifle Association (NRA)?

Florida gun violence epidemic as Republicans push for permit-less concealed weapons

National Rifle Association donations to Florida lawmakers
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DeSantis champions culture war-infused bills

"Under the proposal, the state will no longer require individuals to get a permit from Florida to own a gun. The state also won’t mandate other provisions, including a training requirement needed to get a permit. 

Democrats also see the proposal as another in a long line of culture war-infused bills DeSantis will champion during the legislative session to further energize his conservative base as he prepares to run for president. In the past few week alone, DeSantis has asked lawmakers for a sweeping criminal justice bill packed with policies generally supported by conservatives, rejected an Advanced Placement course focused on African-American history, a move that has gotten him national criticism from those who think he is whitewashing American history and signaled he will push for legislation cracking down on teacher’s unions, which are the last bastion of reliable political support for Florida Democrats." - Politico

Gun lobby money talks

Gun lobby donations buys Republican obstruction to any gun reform

National Rifle Association donations to Republicans

"Here’s a list of members of Congress from Florida who received contributions during the 2016 election cycle from the group’s political action committee, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund. All of them are Republicans.

The list is based on filings from the Federal Election Commission from 2015 to 2016. The figures only include direct contributions from NRA-PVF to each candidate, which are capped at $5,000 per election. They do not include indirect expenditures spent in support of the candidate, such as television commercials, print and digital ads or mailings." - CNN

US ‘gun lobby’

"The so-called gun lobby in the US is a broad term that encompasses efforts to influence both state and federal policy on guns, usually through supporting candidates who have pledged opposition to gun control measures. It includes direct contributions to legislators, efforts to independently support elected officials, and campaigns to sway public opinion on issues related to firearms. Such lobbying is often carefully calibrated to navigate US election finance laws. Several investigations have shown that major anti-gun control lobbying groups – notably the most prominent, the National Rifle Association (NRA) – have close ties with the multibillion-dollar firearms industry in the US." - Al Jazeera

  • Gun control groups like the Giffords organization, founded by former US Congresswoman and gun violence victim Gabby Giffords, accuse NRA lobbyists of solely being motivated by the goal “to sell more guns and pad the bottom line of gun lobby executives”.
  • Gun control advocates have long blamed the lobby’s power for the dearth of federal gun control measures passed in the US in recent years, despite a series of prominent mass shootings and a recent spike in active shooter incidents.
  • Gun control advocates also blame lobbyists for helping to loosen firearms restrictions in Republican-dominated state legislatures across the country.
  • Unlike direct contributions to candidates, there is no cap on outside spending for corporations and non-profits following the 2010 Citizens United v FEC Supreme Court ruling.
GOP bans abortions but does nothing for gun control

Public opposition

Moms Demand Action, and a contingent of University of Central Florida March for our Lives members, and Florida State University Students Demand Action chapter called the measure shortsighted, dangerous and playing with people's lives to further political ambitions. 

“This bill does not represent the values of Floridians. The world knows this is not normal. It is not normal thinking,” said March for Our Lives representative Sara Paquette about relaxing gun laws when there has been a mass shooting at least once a week every week so far in 2023.  Democrats on the committee tried to amend the proposal to require people who want to bear arms without a license to get $100,000 in insurance, in case there is an accident. It failed. 

Other amendments that went down on voice votes included a ban on firearms in sensitive places, like schools, theaters, grocery stores, shopping malls, and churches, and to require a gun safety course for those wanting to carry without a license. 

“The last thing you need is somebody running around who doesn't know how to shoot a gun. Doesn't know how to hold a gun. Doesn't know how to do anything with a gun with a gun,” said Rep. Dottie Joseph, D-Miami-Dade. 

Maps for facts and call to action

Get the facts about gun violence and vote - your life may depend on it!
Mapping the politics of gun violence and the gun lobby donations to Republicans and DeSantis to relax gun safety regulations

Get the facts and vote - your life may depend on it!

This map was created with ArcGIS Online using data on gun incidents from March 2022 to February 2023 from the Gun Violence Archives. The map can be viewed on a phone, tablet or laptop with this link. It includes details of hundreds of shooting incidents; the State House and Senate reps and how to contact them with one click. Click on the layer(s) you want to see and call your political rep to tell them how you feel about more concealed weapons in the hands of people without permits or training. Hold your elected officials responsible for their votes.

TakeAway: Vote for Democrats to enforce common sense gun safety measures and curb gun violence.



DeSantis pushes for concealed weapons without permits or training
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