25 January, 2023

Billionaires beautify DeSantis

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Billionaires beautify DeSantis

Billionaires dump Trump to peddle DeSantis. What's their angle?

FOX News, Wall Street Journal and the NY Post (all owned by Rupert Murdoch) praise DeSantis. Musk whitewashes DeSantis' book bans and persecution of minorities. Slanted media coverage isn't free. What do Murdoch and Musk hope to get in return? Follow the money.

  • Elon Musk continues to cater to far-right Twitter accounts promoting bigotry, extremism, and misinformation - Media Matters
  • Twitter can't handle the truth. Whitewash DeSantis' racism and misogyny - Popular Information
  • Bannon Says Fox News Has 'Turned on Trump,' Favors DeSantis - Newsweek
  • The GOP Is More Dependent Than Ever on Democratic Dysfunction - NY Mag Intelligencer
  • Why are Murdoch's FOX News and NY Post attacking Gigi Sohn? - DemLabs

How do these headlines help explain why are Musk and Murdoch beautifying DeSantis? Follow along with this StoryMap.

Billionaires put lipstick on a pig

Billionaires beautify DeSantis to get tax cuts
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Musk peddles DeSantis

Appending inaccurate information to Popular Information's tweet raises disturbing questions about the nature of Twitter. Musk is also a public supporter of DeSantis. Now, the Community Note feature is being used to discredit accurate reporting about the impacts of DeSantis' policies... Since taking over Twitter, however, Musk has repeatedly catered to the far-right. - Popular Information

Murdoch peddles DeSantis

"The game's up for the Donald… It's time Republicans put their faith in the Ronald," Piers Morgan wrote in a recent  column  for the New York Post, referring to  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.  The piece also outlined how  Fox News  has been giving DeSantis a national spotlight  ahead of a possible 2024 presidential run. - NewsWeek 

“There’s no way these papers are dumping the Donald without the tacit assent of Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch." - David Folkenflik, NPR correspondent and author of Murdoch’s World -  Vanity Fair .

Murdoch Fox News Wall Street Journal NY Post push DeSantis

"Murdoch's never sacrificed anything for America"

"The Murdochs —-Australians via England—not American, have never sacrificed anything for this Country—their entire media Empire has turned on Trump — Fox News, Wall Street Journal , New York Post , Times of London , The Sun etc etc etc——all lockstep against Trump," Bannon said in a post on Gettr. Murdoch "has zero 'feel' for America or Americans— I know this first hand —from 2015 and 2016," Bannon added. "Fear not — we've got this." - Newsweek

How to make a complex issue understandable

How do you cut through the crap, and explain a complex issue understandable to people who are busy and on the move. Keep it simple. Engaging. Easy to read on any device and share. This is how this infographic explains why Rupert Murdoch and Elon Musk are donating free glowing media coverage to DeSantis, and what they hope to get in return.

TakeAway: Follow the money to see why billionaires push DeSantis and Republicans to get even more tax cuts. Vote for Democrats instead to represent your interests.


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DeSantis partisan gerrymandering and attacks on Disney
DeSantis exploits immigrants
DeSantis exploits grievance politics
DeSantis bullies corporations like Disney to push his agenda.
DeSantis stokes hate against LGBTQ community
DeSantis cuts public school funding
DeSantis mismanages COVID Crisis
Collateral damage from DeSantis ready to sacrifice their constituents to get re-elected

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