16 January, 2023

Track what your elected reps are doing and call them out

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Track what your elected officials are up to and call them to hold them accountable

Would you tolerate an employee whose salary you pay, but works against you? It's no different with politicians.

It's no different with politicians who get paid with your tax dollars, working to push the agenda of their big donors. It's hard to track what they're doing, how they are voting, who they are getting money from because the information is scattered across different web sites. The TELL THEM app makes it easy to see what they're up to in a few clicks and call them immediately to give them a piece of your mind. You can run and evade - but you cannot hide. And next time you can vote them out.

Hold your elected officials accountable

Track what your Congressional Rep is up to and call them when they stray
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Make it easy for voters to see what they're doing

Some politicians say one thing, but do something completely different. They'll take your tax dollars as their salary, but vote for the interests of their big, dark money donors. These politicians hide their tracks. They know you're busy with little time for research. The truth is out there, but often hard to find because it is scattered across different websites. The TELL THEM app pulls information from different resources together so it's easy to search.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

"When you perceives the truth, there comes to it a power which rouses you from your stupor, and strengthens you to break the fetters by which is has been bound.” - John 8:31-32

See what your Congressional Rep is up to. How are they voting? Who is donating to them?

Mobilize supporters quickly

Bills are passed in the middle of the night. Dark money influences votes. How can grassroots group keep pace and mobilize supporters to call their rep? How can this be made easy? The Tell Them app has an ACTIONS button. Activists simply enter upcoming bills which deserve attention. Clicking on the ACTIONS button list only the items that need immediate attention. They can read the issue and then click CALL to immediately call their rep. It's fast and simple. In this example there is a call to action which asks voters to call George Santos, the Republican paragon of virtue to resign for his lies.

The Tell Them app works on most phones, tablets and laptops without having to install any software. The data displayed comes from different websites and stays current. The app can also include data about Senators; State House delegates and Senators; Attorney Generals and Governors. Find out how you can use the TELL THEM app to mobilize your supporters here.

George Santos lies about everything

Get action in two clicks

How to use the Tell Them app to quickly mobilize supporters


Rogan's List provides five or so actions every day that you can take to protect democracy.  Each action will give a little detail of the issue, a link to a reputable source with more explanation, and a specific action to take – including links to make it easy. Here are four recent examples.

LABOR RIGHTS: Nurses in New York have reached a tentative deal with two hospitals after striking due, in large part, to being overworked and understaffed. While the U.S. deals with a long-running nationwide nursing shortage, hospital systems have responded by simply increasing the patient load for nurses. In the meantime, let's support nurses and protect patients by asking our members of Congress to reintroduce and pass the Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act (S.1567/H.R.3165), which would mandate minimum nurse to patient staffing ratios.

EMPHASIZE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BIDEN’S AND TRUMP’S CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS:Republicans and the right-wing media are making a big deal about the small number of classified documents found in Biden’s vice presidential office and home, and trying to make the case that this is no different from the 300 classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago. The situations couldn’t be more different. Use this information and write letters to the editor of our local newspapers to people know the facts.

STOP A CONSERVATIVE JUDICIAL NOMINEE IN NEW YORK: With the Supreme Court firmly in conservative hands, getting the right judges on our state courts is more important than ever. Unfortunately, Governor Kathy Hochul has put forward as a nominee to lead New York’s highest court Hector LaSalle, a judge with a history of ruling against abortion rights and unions and weakening due processNew Yorkers, let’s reach out to our state senators and encourage them to oppose the LaSalle nomination and encourage Governor Hochul to pull his name.

CELEBRATE MLK DAY BY ASSEMBLING CARE PACKAGES FOR INCARCERATED BLACK WOMEN: Every Martin Luther King Day, Color of Change’s Serve Our Sisters celebrates by serving Black women. Black women make up 13% of all women in the country, 30% of the women in prison and 44% of women in jail are Black. On Monday, Jan 16, MLK Day and a day of service, if we are in Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Raleigh, or Tampa, we can give some care and attention to some of these women. We can find out more about the event and then sign up to put care packages for incarcerated women together here.  If we are curious, we can learn more about why language used for people affected by incarceration matters here.

TakeAway: Your tax dollars pay politicians' salaries. They work for you and are supposed to represent your interests, not big money donors. Keep an eye on your rep and hold them to account for their votes.



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