27 November, 2022

Why Homer thinks the Supreme Court has become a joke

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Why Homer thinks the Supreme Court has become a joke. Republicans have packed the court with extremist conservative justices who pass rulings favoring Republicans.

Homer explains why the Supreme Court has become a joke.

How does a prestigious institute like the Supreme Court become a sad, partisan joke? We asked Homer who shared twenty two reasons why public confidence in the Supreme Court Confidence at its lowest level in fifty years.

It's been riggedOnly works for the rich
UntrustworthyNo ethical standards
Extremists run wildLets GOP gerrymander
CruelRestricts healthcare
Against women's rightsRacist
Scandal riddenImposes Catholic views
Ruled by minorityPoliticized
Works in the darkAgainst immigrants
Loves pollutionOnly caters to rich
Against gun safetyStolen seats
HypocritesPartisan judgements

Homer's thoughts on the Supreme Court

Why Homer thinks the Supreme Court has become a joke.

Public confidence in Supreme Court sinks

The American people’s confidence in the Supreme Court is at its lowest level ever recorded, according to a Gallup poll. The poll found that only a quarter of Americans have confidence in the court, dropping 11 points from its mark of 36 percent recorded last year. The most recent figure is 5 percentage points lower than the previous lowest point, which was recorded in June 2014. 

Gallup has tracked the percentage of confidence that Americans have in the court since 1973. Gallup’s analysis states that many institutions have seen a fall in the level of confidence from the public, but the court’s decline is about double what most other institutions have seen. The results come as the court appears poised to overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision on abortion rights. - The Hill

Mitch McConnell steals Supreme Court seat from Merrick Garland and rushes to nominate Amy Comey Barrett

GOP packed Supreme Court makes partisan rulings so Republicans can rule in the minority

Mitch McConnell denied Merrick Garland a confirmation hearing even thought President Obama still had a year left in his Presidency. That seat was filled by Neal Gorsuch. He then rushed to nominate Amy Comey Barrett with just a few weeks left in Trump's term. Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court with a million dollar campaign funded by Charles Koch and Leonard Leo.

Once nominated the extremist, conservative minority overturns Roe v Wade. Approves gerrymandering. Weakens gun safety measures and more. How do you capture the harm that Republican politicization of the Supreme Court is doing?

Republicans pack the Supreme Court with extremist judges who issue rulings that favor the GOP

A little humor goes a long way

“Humor is essential to a successful tactician, for the most potent weapons known to mankind are satire and ridicule." - Saul Alinsky, Rules for Radicals: A Pragmatic Primer for Realistic Radicals

We illustrated recent Supreme Court rulings, actions and scandals with an infographic (created with the free Infogram app) and Homer Simpson as the spokesperson. each. Each case is illustrated with a cartoon licensed from Political Cartoons. The infographic includes excerpts for each case along with links to more details. This lets readers get as much or as little information as they are interested in.

The topic is deadly serious given all the harm the extremist Supreme Court is doing. The messaging is humorous, visual and easy to share to reach more people.

Keep it Simple, Stupid (KISS)

  • Why do so many advertisers use humor in their advertising? The first trick of advertising is to make people pay attention. Funny ads attract attention. - The Atlantic
  • A shared sense of humor makes us feel liked and connected. Humor is another way to appeal to someone's emotions and gain their trust. Humor is associated with content that goes viral. People share what they find amusing and pass it on to their friends and family. - Ethos CopyWriting
  • Cartoons boil down complex ideas into a simple image that packs a punch. When discussing serious issues such as global climate change, injecting humor via single-panel cartoons keeps your audience interested and helps them “get it” quickly and effectively. - Cartoon Stock
  • Cartoons Improve Communication – By balancing facts and data with a funny interpretation, you create an understanding shortcut for your audience.
  • Cartoons Make a Fast Impact – An attention-grabbing drawing paired with a clever, nail-on-the-head caption drives home your point immediately and effectively.
  • Cartoons/Humor Relieve Tension – Serious topics call for serious thought. Still, a bit of targeted humor can help ease the tension surrounding tough topics to keep your audience focused while also reinforcing your message.
  • Cartoons Help Put Everything in Perspective – Cartoons take complex concepts and make them personal and relatable. This cartoon by Alex Gregory is a great example of taking a global scenario and illustrating how it will hit close to home:

Take Away: Make your message easy to understand and share with an infographic.



GOP packs Supreme Court with extremist partisan justices

McConnell politicizes the courts

GOP packs the Supreme Court
Mitch McConnell blocks Merrick Garland nomination for a year denying President Obama his right
Mitch McConnell politicizes the courts in order to rule in the minority with the Senate Filibuster
McConnell and Republicans want to ignore the Jan 6th insurrection

Mitch McConnell destroys American democracy and trust in the courts
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