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ABORTION BAN Tops John Robert's Supreme Court Hit Parade

"Chief Justice John Roberts defends the legitimacy of the Supreme Court" - MSN

Really? Decide for yourself based on these extreme rulings by Roberts' Supreme Court. How do six unelected officials get to force pregnancies? Deny Americans of their right to vote? Especially after a President who did not win a majority of votes packed the court with three extremist, right wing justices.

Roberts' Supreme Court Hit Parade

John Roberts Supreme Court politicizes justice
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Politicians in robes

"The inflamed public reaction stems also from the fact that the law changed because the court’s membership changed. The ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization was the culmination of a political and politicized process to bolster the conservative majority by any means necessary. And this stacked court has — time after time, but most flagrantly in overruling Roe v. Wade — abandoned normal rules of restraint, twisted or ignored doctrine, and substituted raw power to achieve its desired result.

And this is how the institution undermines its own legitimacy. If the court behaves like just another political body, it loses the only power it has, of achieving public acceptance of its rulings." - Washington Post

GOP packs the Supreme Court

Republicans have packed the courts

"We go through this Kabuki dance whenever a Supreme Court vacancy occurs. The nominee sits in front of a senatorial hearing for hours, doing his best to never answer any questions which might betray his likely voting intentions, even though everyone already KNOWS what he is going to stand for, on the bench ... they are exclusively selected based on political considerations. Note that Trump's list comes from the Federalist Society.

If it were even remotely true that Supreme Court members behave apolitically, we wouldn't be seeing the blatantly obvious pattern we see in the votes, with frequent 5-4 decisions whose alignment doesn't need to be known, because we already know it... we know which of the 'liberal' and 'conservative' justices voted which way. We know which justices adhere to concepts like 'originalism' and 'textualism', and which consider the Constitution to be a 'live' document. We know which ones think they can divine the mindset of long dead Founding Fathers, and which ones think that idea is absurd." - Forum

Legitimacy is earned

“The way the court retains its legitimacy and fosters public confidence is by acting like a court,” said Justice Elena Kagan. “By doing the kind of things that do not seem to people political or partisan. By not behaving as though we are just people with individual political or policy or social preferences that we are making everybody live with, but instead we are acting like a court, doing something that is recognizably law-like. That is where we gain our legitimacy.”

Specifically, Kagan said, acting like a court means respecting precedent, applying judicial methodologies consistently and irrespective of outcome, and not lunging to make decisions more far-reaching than the pending case requires. “People are rightly suspicious if one justice leaves the court or dies and another justice takes his or her place and all of a sudden the law changes on you,” she said. “That doesn’t seem like law.” - Washington Post

Supreme Court strips Americans of their freedoms

Republicans and a conservative stacked Supreme Court deny women reproductive healthcare and control over their bodies

Ban abortions

Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade, Ending 50 Years of Abortion Rights. Legal experts react with shock and dismay, as ruling leaves open possibility of nationwide abortion ban. “Enormous step backward".

Roberts guts voting right act SCOTUS

Gut voting rights

SCOTUS guts Voting Rights Act. Court rules states with a history of discrimination no longer need federal approval to change voting regulations

Supreme court allows racial gerrymandering

Allow gerrymandering

Supreme Court allows states to use unlawfully gerrymandered congressional maps

Roberts SCOTUS allows Citizen's United releasing dark money into American Politics

Let dark money control elections

Money Unlimited. How Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision.

Roberts Supreme Court serves the rich

Tax cuts for the rich

Supreme Court Would Provide Massive Tax Cut for the Rich.

SCOTUS cripples the EPA ability to regulate greenhouse gases increasing the risk of global warming and sea level rise

Supreme Court limits EPA authority to set climate standards

Supreme Court Would Provide Massive Tax Cut for the Rich.

Assault weapons cause carnage at mass shootings

Supreme Court Weakens Gun Safety Laws

Supreme Court choses to make it easier for Americans to carry a gun. 

DACA and Dreamers blocked by Republican opposition to immigration reform

Supreme Court blocks immigration actions

“This is a deeply disappointing decision for immigrant families, and a missed opportunity to build stronger communities where no one is forced to live in the shadows,”

Supreme Court allows poor people to be evicted during the pandemic

Supreme Court allows evictions to resume during pandemic

Supreme Court choses to make it easier for Americans to carry a gun. 

Supreme Court bans Muslims from entering the US

Ban Muslims from entering America

The Supreme Court's Muslim travel ban decision adds to its legacy of legitimizing racism

John Roberts Supreme Court rules for the wealthy and cuts voting rights for working Americans

Politicize justice system

The Supreme Court’s abortion decision Friday gutting 50 years of women’s abortion rights exploded the myth of a non-political high court.

Keep it simple with an infographic

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John Roberts politicizes the Supreme Court to pass extreme right wing decisions that the American public does not support

Verdict: Guilty of politicizing justice. A handful of unelected officials should not be able to force pregnancies on women.

TakeAway: Elections matter. Vote for Democrats to fix the justice system.



GOP packed Supreme Court bans abortions and denies women their freedom to choose when and with whom to have a family.

Republicans pack the Supreme Court with extreme right wing justices who lie about their positions in order to get confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Roberts guts voting right act SCOTUS

Roberts Supreme Court approves gerrymandering and voter suppresion.

Roberts Supreme Court serves the rich

John Roberts Supreme Court rules for the wealthy and cuts voting rights for working Americans

Roberts Supreme Court evicts the poor during a pandemic

Republicans rely on the Supreme Court to pass voter suppression bills and allow gerrymandering

Supreme Court bans Muslims from  entering the US

SCOTUS cripples the EPA ability to regulate greenhouse gases increasing the risk of global warming and sea level rise

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