5 September, 2022

Rape map where Republicans have made abortions illegal

Rape map where Republicans have made abortions illegal even for rape victims

Texas Governor Abbott makes abortions illegal and tells rape victims take Plan B

Texas is estimated to have over 40,000 rapes every year. Many of the victims cannot afford emergency contraception Plan B pills. Thanks, Abbott.

How did we get here? Thank Republican forced birth zealots like Rubio, Johnson and Cruz who helped stack the Supreme Court with extremist judges to overturn Roe v Wade. Governor Abbott who banned abortions with no exception for rape nor incest. Republican legislators who offers bounties to abortion vigilantes and push to ban contraceptives.

Use this map to see how Republicans are forcing even rape and incest victims to have babies and what you can do to restore women's freedom to choose when and with whom to have a family. You'll also learn how to storytell with data, maps and images.

Mapping the Republican war on women

Mapping rapes where Republicans have made abortions illegal
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Republicans loose touch with reality in their war on women

Texas Governor Abbott says rape victims can take Plan B, known as the "Morning-after pill" after his restrictive abortion trigger-law which does not include exceptions for rape nor incest. Rape victims can get a Plan B pill if they access health care immediately after, and report the crime to law enforcement. Texas bars abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy, prohibiting the procedure before many women even know they are pregnant.

"Does a rape victim even know what a Plan B pill is? Rape victims aren't just adults who understand what Plan B pills are, there are 10-year-old, 11-year-olds, 13-year-olds," said Odus Evvagharu, Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party. "The governor's statements are out of touch with reality. Not everyone has health coverage, not everyone has transportation to a pharmacy, not everyone can afford the cost of emergency contraception." - FOX 26

Democrat Beto O' Rourke said: "We are going to end Greg Abbott's career on November 8, and the women of Texas are going to lead the way." O'Rourke spokesperson highlighted that the Texas "leads the nation in rape cases on Abbott's watch." Abbott had promised to "eliminate all rapists" in the state last year... - Business Insider

Beto O' Rourke said: "We are going to end Greg Abbott's career on November 8, and the women of Texas are going to lead the way."

Digital storytelling

Make it easy for people to understand the facts and what they can do. Avoid information overload by keeping your short and simple. This single infographic was designed with ArcGIS Online and includes a lot of information behind a simple facade. The map is interactive and can be used on a phone, tablet or laptop.

Get the full picture

Overlaying data helps put the issue in perspective. We overlaid three types of information for each state in this map: the number of rapes, abortion laws and the Senators and Governors responsible for those laws. Combining the three makes it clear how states with Texas, South Dakota and Arkansas which have some of the highest rates of abortion in the country also have the harshest abortion bans. And all three states are led by Republicans.

This map was designed with ArcGIS Online, an app from esri which is a 50 year old firm that specializes in data and mapping. ArcGIS Online costs about $25/month for nonprofits. Apply for pro bono mapping help for social justice, womens' rights and progressive causes here.

Mapping the Republican war on women by denying abortions even to victims of rape and incest.

Keep It Super Simple (KISS)

Your readers are busy. How do you condense your message into a few seconds? GIFs are ideal for this because they are animated, easy to view and share. We created this GIF to highlight how Republicans have packed the Supreme Court with forced birth zealots who have overturned Roe v Wade. How Abbott banned abortions in Texas with no exception for rape or incest. And the importance of voting in the midterms to restore women's freedom to choose.

To create this GIF we first made a 30 second video with the free iMovie app which lets you animate the images, how long to show each image add also add titles. We used cartoons from Cagle Cartoons in the video and a photo by Eric Gay/AP. This video was converted into a GIF with the free EZGIF app. Upload your GIFs to Giphy, a free service to make it easier for others to find your GIF.

Consider adding cartoons to your story. They are visual. Funny. Easy to understand in any language at any age. A selection of some cartoons about stacking the Supreme Court and the Republican war on women are featured below.

How to create a GIF with the free iMovie and EZGIF apps
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Add a call to action

Don't forget to add a call to action to your story. This story encourages readers to vote for Democratic candidates to restore women's right to choose when and with whom to have a family with the following links embedded in the map:

Mapping the Republican war on women that denies abortions to even women who have been raped

Republican War on women is led by questionable men

Republican and Supreme Court hypocrisy on banning abortions for rape victims is rich. Learn more with this relationship map.

Questionable men lead the Republican War on Women

TakeAway: Elections matter. Vote for your freedom to choose when and with whom to have a family.



Republicans ban abortions and deny women control over their own bodies
Ultra conservative packed Supreme Court denies women reproductive healthcare
Supreme Court stacked by Republicans to overturn Roe v Wade and women abortion rights
Republicans and a conservative stacked Supreme Court deny women reproductive healthcare and control over their bodies
Partisan Supreme Court intent on overturning Roe v Wade and women's rights
Republicans deny women the right to choose and their voting rights
GOP bans abortions but does nothing for gun control
Republicans ban abortions and wage war on women
Republican party denies women their rights. Bans abortions.
Republicans stack the Supreme Court to ban abortions.
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