26 July, 2022

Check your state’s RAPE INDEX as GOP bans abortions for rape victims

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Republicans wage war on women and deny abortions to rape victims. What's the risk level where you live?

Republicans wage war on women and deny abortions to rape victims. What's the risk level where you live?

The Rape Index is statistic calculated by esri from FBI Crime Data. It shows the likelihood of rape in a state as compared to the rest of the country. And it's something you should know about as Republicans ban abortions even for rape and incest victims. This dashboard combines the esri Crime Index data with the Republican Senators and Governors leading the GOP War on Women.

Check your knowledge: Which Republican said this? Remember these are people paid with your tax dollars. (Answers below)

  1. Women Who Support Abortion Rights Are Too Ugly to Need Them
  2. Women cannot become pregnant when raped if it is a "legitimate rape"
  3. Rape as an Alternative Form of Conception
  4. Rape Victims Should Enjoy It While They Can
  5. Rapes are defensible because the offspring might be talented
  6. Rape is an opportunity for victims

Check your State's Rape Index

GOP bans abortions for rape victims. Check your State's Rape Index.
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Hypothetical Ohio rape case becomes a reality

An Ohio lawmaker proposing a near-total abortion ban was given a hypothetical: A 13-year-old girl is raped and becomes pregnant as a result. Would the Republican’s bill force that teenager to have her rapist’s baby? Yes — and the resulting child would be an “opportunity,” state Rep. Jean Schmidt said this week. “It is a shame that it happens, but there’s an opportunity for that woman, no matter how young or old she is, to make a determination about what she’s going to do to help that life be a productive human being,” she said. - Washington Post

"A pregnant 10-year-old girl from Ohio sought an abortion in neighboring Indiana has drawn intense national attention in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling last month striking down Roe v. Wade... Abortion rights proponents — including President Biden — pointed to the incident as evidence of the cruel consequences of the court's decision. Then, Wednesday, less than 24 hours after Ohio's attorney general — an anti-abortion Republican — slammed the Indianapolis Star for first reporting the story, law enforcement officials in Franklin County, Ohio, arraigned a 27-year-old man in the rape of the girl. - NPR

The esri Rape Index for Ohio is 111 as compared to the National Index of 100.

Clarence Thomas Ginny Thomas block womens right to choose and abortion rights

How The Rape Index is calculated

"The FBI has gathered crime statistics from law enforcement agencies across the nation that have voluntarily participated in the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program since 1930. These data have been published each year, and since 1958, have been available in the publication Crime in the United States (CIUS). As a supplement to CIUS, the FBI, in cooperation with the Bureau of Justice Statistics, provides this site that allows users to build their own customized data tables." - U.S. Department of Justice

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) is the leading nonprofit in providing information and tools to prevent and respond to sexual violence. NSVRC translates research and trends into best practices that help individuals, communities and service providers achieve real and lasting change.

"Sexual violence is an overarching term that includes an array of behaviors, both physical and non-physical, that constitute unwanted or age-inappropriate sexual activity and can impact people of any age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity, identity, etc. We believe sexual violence is rooted in power inequities and is connected to other forms of oppression including ableism, adultism, ageism, classism, heterosexism, racism, sexism, the basis of religion, and other constructs that value certain people or groups over others.

We believe it is imperative to improve responses to those who have been victimized by sexual violence to ensure they are believed, helped, and supported throughout their recovery process.

We recognize survivors are resilient and often find strength at individual, relationship, community, and societal levels following sexual violence. We understand survivors are unique in how they experience sexual violence and the outcomes they desire in terms of justice, services, and support. We promote responses that are informed by the strengths and needs of survivors and that honor their voices, cultures, choices, and priorities. The quality of response to survivors by loved ones, professionals, social systems, the media, and organizations impacts their healing and also signals to other survivors and potential offenders about our societal values and commitment to safety and respect." - NSVRC

Republicans and a conservative stacked Supreme Court deny women reproductive healthcare and control over their bodies

Digital storytelling

This dashboard was created with ArcGIS Online using the Rape Index data layer. A GIF was created with the free iMovie app to showcase important facts from the National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) and abortion related comments by Republicans. The dashboard includes links on how to register to vote, check your Voter ID and volunteer to be a Poll Monitor to protect fair elections.

Republicans deny abortion to rape and incest victims

The map also links to a relationship map created with the free Kumu app which shows rape related news about prominent Republicans leading the GOP War on Women.

Republican War on Women led by questionable men

Questionable men lead the Republican War on Women

TakeAway: Elections matter. Vote for your freedom to choose when and with whom to have a family.




  1. Women Who Support Abortion Rights Are Too Ugly to Need Them - Matt Gaetz (R-FL)
  2. Women cannot become pregnant when raped if it is a "legitimate rape" - Todd Akin (R-MO)
  3. Rape as an Alternative Form of Conception - Paul Ryan (R-WI)
  4. Rape Victims Should Enjoy It While They Can - Clayton William (R-TX)
  5. Rapes are defensible because the offspring might be talented - Mike Huckabee (R-AR)
  6. Rape is an opportunity for victims - Jean Schmidt (R-OH)
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