16 July, 2022

FOX smears doctor helping ten year old rape victim. GOP cripples FCC that could regulate FOX.

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Murdoch media empire including FOX News Wall Street Journal and NY Post support GOP in return for Republicans crippling the FCC which could regulate his empire

Murdoch's media empire helps the GOP. Republicans cripple the FCC that could regulate FOX News. Rigging the system to dupe the public.

Why would FOX News, Wall Street Journal and the NY Post (all owned by Rupert Murdoch) attack a doctor helping a ten year old rape victim? Why does the Murdoch empire support the GOP in pushing for an abortion ban and weakening gun laws? Why does the GOP and Murdoch publications oppose Gigi Sohn, President Biden's nominee to the FCC? Which Federal agency can regulate FOX? Follow the money!

"DeWine, Yost, and other Ohio Republicans hurt a traumatized child once by forcing her to flee the state in order to receive health care; then they hurt her again by peddling propaganda erasing her; now they’re hurting her a third time by refusing to acknowledge and apologize for their actions." - Ohio Capitol Journal

FOX and GOP denied there was a rape and smeared the reporter covering it and the doctor who helped the ten year old rape victim. The Wall Street Journal and New York Post, both owned by Rupert Murdoch joined the smear campaign. - Popular Information

Follow the money and the smear campaign

Murdoch uses FOX NEWS WSJ and NY POST to help GOP in return for the Republicans keeping the FCC deadlocked by blocking Gigi Sohn nomination
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FOXy character assassination

  • Shari Rudavsky, who has been the Health and Medical Reporter at the Indianapolis Star for 18 years
  • Dr. Caitlin Bernard, the Indianapolis obstetrician-gynecologist who performed the procedure
  • Ohio Governor Mike DeWine (R) banned nearly all abortions after six weeks of pregnancy
  • Jim Jordan (R-OH) who told his 2.9 million followers that Bernard was lying
  • FOX hosts: Tucker Carlson, Emily Compagno, Kellyanne Conway, Jesse Waters : asserted that the story was "not true"
  • Jonathan Turley, NY PostL "Activist tale of 10-year-old rape victim’s abortion looks like a lie"
  • Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost: "not a damn scintilla of evidence" to support the story and a likely "fabrication"
  • Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita: "suggesting that the doctor might be charged with a federal crime"
  • Gershon Fuentes, was arrested and "charged with impregnating a 10-year-old Ohio girl"
Ohio Republicans ban abortions deny women their rights. GOP and FOX team up to smear doctors.

Disgusting and disgraceful; callous, careless and cruel

"DeWine, Yost, and other Ohio Republicans hurt a traumatized child once by forcing her to flee the state in order to receive health care; then they hurt her again by peddling propaganda erasing her; now they’re hurting her a third time by refusing to acknowledge and apologize for their actions. These powerful Ohio Republican politicians have thoroughly and completely shed themselves of any sense of shame or conscience. They’re disgusting and disgraceful; callous, careless and cruel.

This is a matter of basic human decency, good faith and sensitivity on the most fundamental level of society. If they are willing to try to erase the traumatic story of a 10-year-old rape victim, whose pain and suffering will they not try to ignore and erase? They behave on a base level so repugnant and removed from the general good-heartedness of most Ohioans it’s almost unfathomable. I honestly don’t know how they sleep at night, or look at themselves in the mirror in the morning." - Ohio Capitol Journal

Conservatives respond to child rape arrest by vilifying the doctors who cared for her.

Governor Mike DeWine (R-OH)

"Gov. Mike DeWine spends a lot of time jawing about his concern for protecting the “most vulnerable” Ohioans whenever he signs a draconian law attacking the bodily autonomy of others. But as we learned according to reporting from the Indianapolis Star this week, a 10-year-old Ohio rape victim was forced to travel to Indiana for an abortion after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned national abortion rights, and within hours Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost had a federal court put Ohio’s six-week abortion ban signed by DeWine in 2019 into effect." - Ohio Capitol Journal

Ohio rape victims have to go out of state for care

Shari Rudavsky

"Shari Rudavsky has covered health and medicine, and the occasional house porn, stories for the Indianapolis Star since 2004. Before joining The Star, she wrote for the Miami Herald, covering education, aging, social services, and health. Her work has also appeared in the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal, and the now-defunct but ever-interesting Omni magazine.  She received her undergraduate degree from Harvard-Radcliffe College and Ph.D. in History and Sociology of Science from the University of Pennsylvania." - Purdue

Rupert Murdoch: It's not personal. It's strictly business.

Rupert Murdoch uses his media empire of FOX News, The Wall Street Journal and NY Post to help Republicans push an extreme right wing agenda. The GOP helps Murdoch make more money by relaxing rules on media and crippling the FCC which has the charter or regulating media for the public good. The GOP is currently blocking Gigi Sohn's nomination to the FCC which could regulate FOX News. It's not personal, it's strictly business as the Godfather would say.

Rupert Murdoch FOX NEWS WSJ help Republicans with disinfo. GOP blocks Gigi Sohn nomination to the FCC which could regulate FOX News.
FOX News endangers doctors lives

Republicans block Gigi Sohn nomination to help Rupert Murdoch and FOX News

"Sen. Lindsey Graham: “I will do everything in my power” to block Biden FCC pick. The WSJ editorial claimed that Sohn "hinted at deploying the agency's regulatory power to censor conservative media and revive a version of its mooted fairness doctrine"... The WSJ's evidence that Sohn would use the FCC to censor conservative media is a tweet about Fox News in which she suggested a congressional hearing but did not recommend any FCC action or even mention the FCC.

The FCC has been operating with a 2-2 deadlock between Democrats and Republicans throughout Biden's first year as president because he waited nine months to nominate Sohn to the empty spot. The deadlock was formed after the Senate's then-Republican majority confirmed Trump nominee Nathan Simington, who was apparently chosen mainly because he supported Trump's attempt to crack down on social media websites." - Ars Technica

TakeAway: Tell you Senator to confirm Gigi Sohn to the FCC. Hold those who would force a ten year old rape victim to have a baby accountable. Vote!



Clarence Thomas Ginny Thomas block womens right to choose and abortion rights
Ultra conservative packed Supreme Court denies women reproductive healthcare
Partisan Supreme Court intent on overturning Roe v Wade and women's rights
Republicans and a conservative stacked Supreme Court deny women reproductive healthcare and control over their bodies
Republicans pas abortion restrictions stripping women of their rights
GOP Republicans deny women their abortion rights and the freedom to choose when to have a baby. With no exceptions for rape or incest.
Republicans stack the Supreme Court to ban abortions.
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