12 May, 2022

Ukraine’s fight for democracy has a lesson for Democrats

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Ukraine's lesson for Democrats is to fight back hard with conviction.

The entire world said the Ukrainians were just gonna lose. They were told to surrender.

"That it was inevitable that Russia was just too strong. Well the Ukrainians cared more. They fought back and said 'Hey Russian warship go f*ck yourself'.

That’s what those of us who love democracy have to say: Hey Republicans you think you can cheat, steal, lie and win? You think you could just take our rights from us? Our votes from us? Our freedoms? And we're just gonna let you? This country is filled with patriots who won't just give up democracy without a fight.

We have to come out in droves and vote against this sad pathetic, backwards racist, homophobic, misogynistic party. Banning books, gay and women's rights. This anti-democratic Republican party. Without values or morals who wants to take your social security and medicare. Defund our public schools and raise taxes on the poor." - Politics Girl

Her two minute video is dynamite! She explains what Democrats can learn about resistance from the Ukrainians.

Bottle the magic

Politics Girl is a great speaker. Most people aren't as good but we can learn and practice. Start with a script that you relate to, such as her message. You can see the transcript of a YouTube video by clicking on the three dots at the bottom. YouTube even highlights the words being spoken and the time.

How to get the transcript of a YouTube video

Practice your delivery

Copy and paste the transcript into the free BigStage Teleprompter app. Highlight the words you want to emphasize and add spaces where you will pause. Adjust the scroll speed to what's right for you. Practice the delivery and check how long it took you with the timer at the bottom. Edit the script to fit the time you have.

The BigStage Teleprompter runs in a browser so you don't have to instal any software. It runs on phones, tablets and laptops. The premium version ($5/month) lets you save and share your script with other people so they can also deliver the same message. You can even co-present with them at the same time from the same script.

The script can be shared freely with others using a link like this You can even change the script at any time and all the people you've shared it with, automatically get the new version. Learn more here.

What Democrats can learn from the Ukrainians
Share freely with this link

More resources for presenting better

TakeAway: Make it clear what we're fighting for and help others spread the rallying cry.


Credit: Thanks to Mike Lux with Democracy Partners for telling me about this amazing video.

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