6 May, 2022

How much more will reproductive healthcare cost when the Supreme Court nullifies Roe v Wade?

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Supreme Court raised the cost reproductive healthcare

It's going to cost a LOT more for reproductive healthcare as the Republican packed Supreme Court overturns Roe v Wade!

Women will have to travel much further for care. Pay for gas, lodging, meals, daycare for children. Lose wages for taking time off work. Add up the costs with this Reproductive Healthcare Cost calculator.

Consider the cost to mother living in New Orleans, LA who would have to travel 713 miles from Charlotte, NC to get healthcare when Louisiana closes all clinics. The next closest one may then be in North Carolina. How much would the three day trip cost her?

Reproductive Healthcare Cost Increase Calculator

How the cost of reproductive healthcare will cost more as the Republican packed Supreme Court is about to nullify Roe v Wade

Women Forced To Travel Further For Care

"Imagine this: You’re a single mom who gets pregnant in Louisiana, where the state banned abortion the instant the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. Every surrounding state—Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Mississippi—has banned abortion, too. If you are like most people in Louisiana, your closest clinic will be at least a 10-hour drive away, in Illinois. You will need to pay for fuel, lodging, and of course, your abortion, which insurance will not cover. You will have to take time off work. You will have to secure childcare. If you are like the majority of people seeking abortions in Louisiana, you are already living under the poverty line." - Daily Beast

Map of States that would ban abortion and the nearest state - map by Guttmacher Institute
Map courtesy Guttmacher Institute

Adding up the increased expense

Adding up the cost of the bill that the Republican packed Supreme Court just stuck you with for Reproductive Healthcare

No exception for rape or incest

"Public insurance plans like Medicaid cannot over abortions except in cases of life endangerment, rape or incest; nor can plans offered on the state’s Affordable Care Act exchange. Even private insurance plans require participants to purchase a special rider if they want coverage for abortion. Combine that with the costs of fuel, lodging, child care and days off work required to travel out of states, and not only would abortion be physically out of reach for many people in Louisiana, it would also be unaffordable." - Center for Reproductive Rights

How this Cost Calculator was created

This Cost Calculator was created with the free Calconic app in about two hours. It can be adapted (pro bono) for other women's right groups with their message and link to their website. Calculators are ideal for advocacy groups and campaigns because:

  • A web calculator helps people make informed decisions
  • Calculators cut to the point and addresses the customer’s primary concerns.
  • Send results to their email with their choices and final calculations. Build subscribers list by exchanging value for clients’ email addresses.

TakeAway: Politicized courts make decisions that devastate the lives and pocketbooks of working Americans.


Image credit: Matt Groening - Creator of the Simpsons

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