6 April, 2022

Republicans block funds to fight COVID. Mapping where more Americans are likely to die.

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Republicans block funds to fight COVID. Where will more Americans die as a result?

Almost a million Americans have died from COVID. Republicans are now blocking funds to fight COVID. When did politics become so lethal?

This map shows the number of COVID deaths per county and the Senator representing supposed to be representing the people of that state. More people are likely to die as COVID safety measures and research are denied money. Is playing politics with lives of the people who voted for you and pay your salary ethical for politicians? Where are Americans most likely to die with the next pandemic

This map is designed with ArcGIS Online and continuously refreshed with information from the John Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. It includes links to Senator's phone number number and email addresses for people to contact them to let them know how they feel. Clicking on the photo of the Senator will launch a phone call to them as well.

Mapping the politics of death

Republicans block funds to fight COVID threatening more American lives.
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Republicans block funds to fight COVID

Republicans in the Senate on Tuesday blocked a measure that would provide an additional $10 billion in COVID-19 relief from moving forward. The deal was the result of negotiations led by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, and came in response to a request by the Biden administration for Congress to urgently provide more money to help the U.S. continue its fight against COVID-19. The $10 billion is far less than $22.5 billion initially sought by the White House to continue its vaccination and testing efforts and prepare for future variants, and the agreement omitted $5 billion for global efforts to combat COVID-19.

Still, the White House urged Congress to "move promptly" on the package to fund immediate pandemic-related needs. Following the failed vote Tuesday, White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the blockade by Senate Republicans "disappointing" and warned there are "consequences" for Congress failing to approve the additional funding. "The program that reimbursed doctors, pharmacists and other providers for vaccinating the uninsured had to end today due to a lack of funds. America's supply of monoclonal antibodies that are effective at keeping people out of the hospital will run out as soon as late May. Our test manufacturing capacity will begin ramping down at the end of June," she said, adding the Senate vote is "a step backward for our ability to respond to this virus." - MSN

Make it easier for Americans to see what their Senators are up to and hold them accountable

Make it easy for Americans to hold their Senator responsible for their actions.

Political games with your life as the stake

Schumer, though, lambasted Republicans from stopping the funding measure from moving forward, calling the failed vote "devastating" to Americans. "Vaccines, therapeutics, and testing were negotiated in good faith and they should not be held hostage to extraneous unrelated issues," he said. "This is too important for the health of the American people, but that seems precisely what some Republicans want to do." - MSN

Elections do have consequences. Unfortunately your life might be one one of the consequences. Next time you are at the ballot box, consider if the person you are voting for is more concerned about your life or their political future?

TakeAway: Make it easy for people to see how Republican gamesmanship with COVID is putting their lives at risk, and how they can contact their Senator. Elections have consequences.


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