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Russian oligarchs influence American politics, elections, media and technology. Follow the money.

How do Russian oligarchs manipulate American politics and media to threaten democracy? Follow the money.

What would inspire a former president to praise a Russian invasion of a democracy? FOX News to defend Putin? Republican leadership to block sanctions on Russia? When in doubt, follow the money. This relationship map created with the free Kumu app is a starting point.

Follow the money to understand how Russian oligarchs influence Repulicans, FOX News and Facebook.
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Threat to democracy

A STATE OF EMERGENCY FOR DEMOCRACY. By attacking the rule of law, Republicans are helping Putin and Xi.Hillary Rodham Clinton and Dan Schwerin

"Russian president Vladimir Putin pines for the old Russian empire and takes Ukraine’s independence as a personal affront. But the invasion of Ukraine is not a limited regional dispute between neighbors. Putin is also motivated by a deep opposition to democracy more broadly. That is why he has waged a long-running shadow war to destabilize free societies and discredit democratic institutions in the United States and around the world. Ukraine is one flash point in a larger global struggle between democracy and autocracy—one that stretches from the steppes of Eastern Europe to the waters of the Indo-Pacific to the halls of the U.S. Capitol." - The Altantic

NRA - Russian - Trump connection

NRA became Russian asset

"For years, top NRA officials have cultivated close relationships with influential Russians with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Recently, we learned that political operatives close to the NRA attempted to broker a meeting between representatives of the Russian government and the Trump campaign on the sidelines of the 2016 NRA convention. Now, the FBI is “investigating whether a top Russian banker with ties to the Kremlin illegally funneled money to the National Rifle Association to help Donald Trump win the presidency.”

The NRA spent $55 million – or perhaps tens of millions more, according to some reports -- to influence the 2016 elections. That’s far more than they ever spent during a previous election. But no one knows where the money came from." - Every Town For Gun Safety

Putins list

Putin's List

The database of the Free Russia Forum, “PUTIN’S LIST”, does not replace the work of law enforcement agencies, but considers it necessary given the absence of an independent court system in Russia. The agency aims to collect and systematize data on crimes and those who use their connections to the government to evade legal responsibility.The project aims to gather information related to persons of the following categories:

  • The “POWER-HOLDERS” of Russia, who seized and unlawfully hold power in the country;
  • The “EXECUTORS”, who, as public servants and MPs, directly implement the Kremlin’s policy of felonious retention of power in the country;
  • The “TRANSGRESSORS”, from among the judges, prosecutors, investigators, lawyers, law enforcement officers and their agents responsible for the direct implementation of the repression and prosecution of the opposition;
  • The “AGGRESSORS”, who are responsible for carrying out the policies of war, occupation and chaos against other countries, in violation of international law, in the political interests of the leadership of the country;
  • The “BENEFICIARIES”, foreign partners of the Russian government who contribute to the implementation of its felonious plans to undermine international law and global peace, justice and democracy.
  • The “OLIGARCHS AND CORRUPT OFFICIALS”, who are responsible for plundering Russia on a state-wide scale, by direct membership in the Russian government or proximity to it through relatives and other proxies;
  • The “PROPAGANDISTS”, who are responsible for creating and disseminating state information, deliberately deceiving people in the interests of the political leadership and creating an atmosphere of widespread hatred and intolerance;
  • The “ACCOMPLICES”, who reap personal profit from cooperation with government authorities, to the detriment of the interests of the country and its citizens;

TakeAway: Stop the erosion of American democracy and fair elections by dark money.


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