2 March, 2022

Are your purchases funding White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism? Follow the money.

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Are your purchases funding White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism. Follow the money.

Republicans embrace White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism with the help of corporate donations. All talk, no action.

Republicans expelled Liz Cheney for supporting an inquiry into the Jan 6th insurrection, but do nothing when Greene and Gosar speak at a White Nationalist convention that cheers for Putin and promotes Anti-Semitism. Corporations speak of their values, but donate to politicians supporting White Nationalism.

Follow the money to understand Republican and corporate hypocrisy. Make sure your purchases aren't funding Anti-Semitism, racism and violence.

Republicans embrace White Nationalism

Republicans support White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism with the help of corporate donations.
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Republicans embrace White Nationalists helped by corporate donations

"Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Paul Gosar (R-AZ), addressed a white nationalist convention. A number of major corporations, including Ford, Walmart, Delta Airlines, and Deloitte, are financially supporting their reelection through PAC contributions to the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)... Fuentes has "gained infamy for making many anti-Semitic comments, denying the Holocaust happened, and opposing women's right to vote." The Republican Jewish Coalition calls him a "Nazi-sympathizer." Earlier this month, Fuentes said he was seeking "total Aryan victory." 

The NRCC provides financial, strategic, and organizational support to its endorsed candidates. This support is made possible by the NRCC's donors... While the NRCC and the GOP leadership have taken no action in response to Greene and Gosar's embrace of white nationalists, they have shown the ability to condemn and withhold support for members of the House Republican Caucus. The RNC formally censured Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) because they are participating in a bipartisan investigation of the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Major corporations are supporting an organization that views collaborating with Democrats investigating January 6 as worse than collaborating with white nationalists." - Popular Information
Pro-Putin chants. "Chris Hayes on the America First Political Action Conference, organized by an avowed white supremacist: “You could call it a fringe gathering, except for the fact that two sitting members of Congress were a part of it: Republicans Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene.”

McCarthy offers Greene promotion

"House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy called the congresswoman’s speech on the same stage “unacceptable.” Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said “there’s no place in the Republican Party for white supremacists.” Yet it’s unclear whether Greene will face any further reprimand or rebuke for what is now an ongoing pattern of startling behavior. McCarthy had previously suggested the Georgia congresswoman, who is now barred by Democrats from committees, would enjoy a promotion if Republicans take control of the House." - AP

Republican Anti-Semitism

"The Times of Israel newspaper published the heart of campaign letters from Rep. Tom Emmer (R-Minn.), head of the Republican National Congressional Committee, that identify three “left-wing radicals” he says “bought control of Congress for the Democrats.” Emmer writes that George Soros and Michael Bloomberg are Jewish, wealthy and politically involved, just not for Republicans; Tom Steyer, the impeachment guy, was born to a Jewish family but identifies as Episcopalian." - Salon

Holocaust denier


Twitter / National Review

White Supremacist

"Nicholas Fuentes is a white supremacist leader and organizer and podcaster who seeks to forge a white nationalist alternative to the mainstream GOP. Fuentes and his America First adherents vocally support the closure of the U.S. borders to immigrants, while opposing “liberal” values such as feminism and LGBTQ+ rights. Fuentes views these societal changes as the “bastardized Jewish subversion of the American creed. The Founders never intended for America to be a refugee camp for nonwhite people.” He often uses his platform to further conspiracy theories about the impending destruction of the white race, also known as “white genocide.” In one Tweet, Fuentes stated, “Our civilization is being dismantled, our people are being genocided, and conservatives can’t think past what will play well with liberal media in the next election.” - ADL

Inciting violence

"A white nationalist streamer who attended the Jan. 6 pro-Trump march as a VIP, arguably encouraged threats on lawmakers’ lives in the run-up to the protest-turned-insurrection – and earned thousands of dollars in the process. Nick Fuentes, a 22-year-old white nationalist who rose to prominence after attending the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, has been encouraging his followers to attend “Stop the Steal” events since the movement arose in November. At events throughout the country, he has been joined by large crowds of supporters. But in the run-up to the Jan. 6 siege, Fuentes took his rhetoric a step further on a Jan. 4 stream of his show, “America First,” where he raised the specter of killing state lawmakers." - SPL Center

Anti-immigrant, Anti-Gay

"Fuentes attacked Walsh with anti-gay slurs and called him a “shabbos goy race traitor” who works for Jews. (The Daily Wire is led by Ben Shapiro, who is Jewish.) That part of last night’s show appears to have been removed from the YouTube Live rebroadcast but was preserved in the YouTube channel of a Fuentes fan. “Matt Walsh, shabbos goy race traitor. That’s what it is, folks. I know some people don’t like to use that expression, but it’s totally true—throwing his own people under the bus. He hates white people. Nobody else talks like that about their own people except for white people and it’s gross,” Fuentes said, going on to mock Walsh: “Yeah, OK, keep typing on Twitter dot com, faggot. Faggot. Pussy. Race traitor—you work for Jews, you know.”

Fuentes also threw a tantrum over Dinesh D’Souza’s remarks about white nationalism, attacking one of the right’s favorite authors based on his ethnicity and over his criticisms of racist writer Samuel Todd Francis in the 1990s. In a mocking tone, Fuentes said, “Dinesh D’Souza is gonna roll up to our shore from India, from smelly, open-defecation India, and he’s going to tell us that Robert E. Lee was a racist.” - Right Wing Watch

TakeAway: Make sure your spending isn't supporting White Nationalism and Anti-Semitism.


Republicans support Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar.
Greene and Trump push far-right values.
GOP supports Trumps love of Putin
Josh Hawley supports Jan 6th insurrection
Republicans support racism and anti-semitism to get elected
DeSantis speaks at Far Right rally.
Republicans promote a culture of hate
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