27 February, 2022

State and Federal supreme courts should reflect­ the diversity of America

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Judges should reflect the people they judge

State and Federal supreme court justices should reflect­ the diversity of America for fair justice.

Rich, white, male judges sentence men of color to prison, deny women their rights, allow voter suppression and pass laws favoring the wealthy.

Judges should represent the race, religion and gender of the people they pass judgement on. 24 states currently have an all-white State Supreme court bench. Check this map to see how well your State Supreme Court reflects the people of your state.

Make the Supreme Court and justices reflect military
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Brennan Center For Justice

"Amid grow­ing recog­ni­tion of dispar­it­ies in Amer­ica’s justice system, this report high­lights a crit­ical but under-scru­tin­ized prob­lem: the lack of racial, ethnic, and gender diversity on state supreme court benches across the United States. State supreme courts, which sit atop state judi­ciar­ies, do not typic­ally garner the same atten­tion as the U.S. Supreme Court, but they hold substan­tial power. As a whole, state courts hear 95 percent of all cases filed in the United States. State supreme courts gener­ally provide the final word in inter­pret­ing state law and set preced­ents that bind more than 23,000 lower state court judges." - Brennan Center For Justice

State Supreme Courts

"Only 15% of state supreme court seats nation­wide are held by indi­vidu­als who are Black, Asian, Latino, or Native Amer­ican — though nearly 40% of the nation’s popu­la­tion are people of color. Women hold only 36 percent of state supreme court seats. Currently, 17 states have only one female justice on their supreme court bench." - Brennan Center for Justice

Women hold only 36 percent of state supreme court seats. Currently, 17 states have only one female justice on their supreme court bench." - Brennan Center for Justice

U.S. Supreme Court

"Of the 113 Supreme Court justices in US history, all but 7 have been white men. There have been only five women Supreme Court Justices. Only three justices of color." -  CNN

“For too long, our government, our courts, haven’t looked like America,” said President Biden. Ketanji Brown Jackson would be the first Black female justice in the court’s more than 200 years of existence. -  AP News

Ketanji Brown Jackson

"Jackson graduated from Harvard twice, once with honors and once with high honors, and clerked for Breyer — a particularly coveted credential typically reserved for young lawyers with  absolutely stratospheric academic and professional records .

Jackson has been a federal judge since 2013, serving first as a trial judge in DC. In 2021, Biden elevated her to the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which is widely viewed as the  second most powerful court in the country  because of its steady diet of cases challenging federal policymaking and other major actions by federal agencies." -  VOX

Demand fair justice

A group of rich, old, white Republican senators oppose Jackson's confirmation. Enough of racist, sexist justice that favors the rich. Tell your senator to confirm Brown to the Supreme Court.

TakeAway: Lack of diversity on U.S. courts results in racist, sexist laws that favor the rich.


Roberts Supreme Court favors the rich at the expense of women and colored Americans.
Roberts Supreme Court approves gerrymandering and voter suppresion.
Roberts Supreme Court guts the Voting Rights Act.
Roberts Supreme Court denies women their rights.
Roberts Supreme Court allows Citizen United that floods politics with money corrupting American politics.
Roberts Supreme Court allows partisan gerrymandering
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