13 February, 2022

Republican death panels

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Republican death panels put tax cuts above healthcare

Republicans put tax cuts over healthcare and refuse COVID relief funds putting more lives at risk for politics.

"Thirteen mostly Republican-led states sued the Biden administration over restrictions in the coronavirus relief law that would have prevented them from using federal money to offset tax cuts... Arizona County Turned Down $1.9 Million in Covid Relief." - NY Times

What happens when elected officials put politics over sound healthcare? What is militant ignorance? How does Vo+ER help healthcare spaces and healthcare providers to support their colleagues and patients to register to vote?

This StoryMap connects the dots between Republican officials taking part in the Jan 6 insurrection, refusing COVID relief funds for their county while recommending Ivermectin where there are hundreds of COVID deaths and hospitals full to capacity.

Republicans refuse funds for healthcare and fight to allocate them for tax cuts.
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Refusing federal COVID relief funds

"The $1.9 million in pandemic aid would have gone a long way in Cochise County, a rural borderland where a winter of infections swamped hospitals. There was money for tracking cases. Testing in remote ranching towns. Funds fortifying the Arizona county’s strained health department. But the county’s Republican-controlled board of supervisors stunned many residents and health care workers by voting last month to reject the federal money, becoming one of the rare places in America to turn down Covid-19 assistance from Washington." - DNYUZ

Militant ignorance

“Militant ignorance is proud of itself, and holds knowledge in contempt... Most Republicans no longer have confidence in scientific knowledge. 

During a fight over mask mandates, a  city commissioner  in Enid, Okla., is reported to have told a local audience that America is in a moment when the people who ran things from the beginning — mostly white, mostly Christian, mostly male — are now having to share control. “You don’t just get to be the sole solitary voice in terms of what we do here, what we teach here, what we show on television here. You don’t get to do it any more. That’s where the fight is.” -  The Hill

We help healthcare spaces and healthcare providers to support their colleagues and patients to register to vote.

VOTE like our HEALTH depends on it

Vot-ER integrates voter registration into the health care delivery system. Vot-ER believes that empowered voices and full participation in the democratic process lead to positive health outcomes.

Vot-ER connects healthcare institutions and providers with the tools, training, and community to register colleagues and patients to vote, bringing providers and patients together to promote civic engagement and create healthier communities across the United States. Vot-ER views hospitals and community health clinics as central touch points in communities – much like schools, DMVs, and libraries – where citizens should consider their civic health as well as their physical and mental health. In addition to providing a range of healthcare-specific resources to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare providers, Vot-ER also develops leaders through its Civic Health Fellowship and builds community through the national Civic Health Month initiative which takes place every August.

TakeAway: Fight militant ignorance. Vote!


Republicans refuse COVID relief funds
AntiVaxxers put their own lives at risk
Check your sources for COVID information
Militant ignorance puts a burden on healthcare workers.
Politicians who do not believe in science are a public health hazard.
Aaron Rogers doubts COVID. Refuses to get vaccinated and promotes Ivermectin.
AntiVaxers and people spreading COVID misinformation put the public at risk
COVID misinformation thrives on FOX and with Republicans
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