16 January, 2022

Jan 6 Insurrection map of the people and money behind the plot to overthrow an election

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Jan 6 Insurrection map of people, money and schemes

Follow the money to trace who did what in the Jan 6th insurrection and how they were funded.

Get the big picture as the evidence and indictments pile up and dig in for details with a relationship map. This interactive Jan 6 Insurrection map was created with the free Kumu app with information from dozens of sources. It's especially helpful because it:

  • Puts a face to a name for the people involved with the insurrection making it easier to remember
  • Includes all types of information - memos to overthrow democracy, photos of faked documents, videos of the riot, spreadsheets of suspects and robocalls inciting people
  • Is easily updated as new facts, indictees and donors emerge
  • Traces the money from secret mega donors to fund violent insurrectionists
  • Tracks the role of media firms like FOX and tech firms like Facebook and Google

Mapping the insurrection investigation

Insurrection map - Jan 15, 2022

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Keep it Super Simple (K.I.S.S.)

The Jan 6 Committee has uncovered a lot of evidence. Make it simple for people to make sense of the plan to overthrow democracy in America. Several excellent websites provide information about the insurrection including:

But, these websites present information as links on a web page. Readers have to click on multiple links to find information and can easily lose the big picture. It also makes it harder to spot the connections between people and groups. Websites are also harder to update and keep current.

How can information be collected, organized and presented so that it's easy to understand and keep current? Relationship maps. They organize information in the form of interconnected images. Such maps are easy to navigate and can be used from phones, tablets and laptops.

Relationship maps are ideal to explain the Jan 6th insurrection because they:

TakeAway: Organize information so it's easier to understand and share with a relationship map.


Jan 6th images

Follow the money to trace who did what in the Jan 6th insurrection and how they were funded.
Follow the money to trace who did what in the Jan 6th insurrection and how they were funded.

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