14 January, 2022

Freedom To Vote Act: A visual guide

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Freedom To Vote infographic shows

A picture is worth a thousand words. The Freedom to Vote, priceless.

Visual communications convey messages with pictures. Pictures are easy to understand, remember and share. This visual guide for instance, explains seventeen ways that the Freedom To Vote Act fights voter suppression and can be scanned in seconds.

This blog explains how this infographic was created with the free Infogram app and includes the icons used.

Freedom To Vote infographic

Freedom to Vote - what is in the bill that gives every American a voice - not just the privileged few.

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Why is visual communications so effective?

  • It’s how we’ve always apprehended major threats, food supplies and reproductive opportunity.
  • We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you’ll remember 65%.
  • Pictures beat text as well, in part because reading is so inefficient for us. Our brain sees words as lots of tiny pictures, and we have to identify certain features in the letters to be able to read them.
  • That takes time. Visual communications is easier on the brain.
  • BrainRules

How this infographic was created

  • A 17 point summary of the Freedom To Vote Act was prepared referencing Heather Cox Richardson's newsletter and Common Cause.
  • Icons from the Noun Project were chosen to represent the Freedom to Vote Act provisions.
  • This infographic was created in about two hours with the free Infogram app.
  • The infographic was shared as a link and as a PDF.
  • It can also be embedded in a website with the code below.

Freedom To Vote Act summary

  • Provides at least two weeks of early voting for any town with more than 3,000 people.
  • Makes Election Day a holiday.
  • Requires states to guarantee that no one has to wait more than 30 minutes to vote.
  • Provides uniform voter registration rules. Establishes automatic voter registration at the DMV and permits same-day voter registration and allows online voter registration.
  • Permits people to vote by mail, or drop their ballots at a polling place or drop box. It guarantees those votes will be counted as long as they are postmarked by Election Day.
  • Provides uniform standards for voter IDs in states that require them.
  • Requires at least one polling place on tribal lands, for example, and requires states to accept tribal or federal IDs.
  • Bans partisan gerrymandering.
  • Restores federal voting rights for people who have served time in jail, creating a uniform system.
  • Protects voters from the purges and requires that voters be notified if they are dropped from the rolls and given information on how to get back on them.
  • Makes it a federal crime to lie to voters in order to deter them from voting (distributing official-looking flyers with the wrong dates for an election)
  • It expands penalties for tampering with ballots after an election. If someone does tamper with the results or refuses to certify them, voters can sue.
  • Increases the penalties for voter intimidation.
  • Prohibits voting machines that don’t leave a paper record.
  • Prevents attempts to overturn elections by requiring audits after elections, making sure those audits have clearly defined rules and procedures.
  • Restores the ability of voters to sue if their rights are violated.
  • Strengthens the Voting Rights Act that required that states with a history of discrimination in voting get the Dept. of Justice approval before their voting laws go into effect.

Noun Project

"Noun Project offers a global visual language that unites us. A language that allows quick and easy communication. It offers both free and licensed icons. @nounproject takes steps to promote a more gender-balanced world through iconography depicting women in leadership positions. I can't say enough positive things about this company."

Free icons used in the Freedom To Vote infographics
Free icons used in the Freedom To Vote infographic


Infogram is a free and easy app to created to infographics. It includes a vast catalog of design templates, images, charts and maps that you can use to create your own infographic. The infographics are stored online and can be edited at any time, or downloaded and shared as a PDF.

TakeAway: Communicate visually with free resources like the Noun Project and Infogram.


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