27 December, 2021

“How to make gazillions spreading misinformation with algorithms like Facebook” — Dr. Evil

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How to make gazillions spreading misinfo with algorithms like Facebook

Spreading misinformation is a money making scheme. Just ask Dr. Evil*

His secret guide explains (along with real examples) how to make gazillions spreading spreading misinformation with algorithms. You'll learn in this parody how:

  • Where the social media platforms make money?
  • What is an algorithm? How to design them to make more money?
  • How to get away with evil by hiding behind Section 230?
  • What's most addictive online?
  • How rich can you get?
  • Is it ethical to spread COVID misinformation? Who suffers?
  • Who is your competition in spreading misinformation?
  • How to ignore appeals to reform in the public interest?
  • How to hire lobbyists and make political donations to expand?
  • What Dr. Evil feels about this scheme?

The infographic is light hearted, but is full of information and links to more resources.

How to make gazillions spreading misinformation with algorithms like Facebook

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Cut the crap

Silicon Valley billionaires hide behind technical jargon and esoteric concepts to hide what they're doing. Small armies of consultants train them to dodge questions from regulators. It's helpful for more people to understand what's really going and what terms like 'algorithms' and 'Section 230' mean. That's where Dr. Evil comes in. This simple online parody lays out in simple terms how misinformation platforms make money.

There is nothing magical about algorithms. They are programs that determine what people see on the platforms. These algorithms have been optimized to get people riled up so they stay on the platform longer and get served revenue generating ads. Is it lucrative? Is Zuckerberg worth $124 billion?

"Early online forums of the 1990s "either had to read everything, had specific legal protection for content, or were just responsible for everything on [the] site". But under Section 230, platforms can choose to moderate some of their content without being liable for all of it. Social media firms have flourished under the regulation because it doesn't require companies to know about illegal or harmful content posted by users." - CBS

Rules For Radicals

Saul Alinsky in 'Rules For Radicals' advises using ridicule to raise public awareness. Apps like make that easier, fast and free.

Saul Alinsky in 'Rules For Radicals' advises using ridicule to raise public awareness. Apps like  make that easier, fast and free. This parody was created with the free Infogram app.

This parody was created with the free Infogram app. We chose it for this infographic because it lets you:

  • Include images, GIFs, videos and links
  • Change content as needed
  • Share it with a link or embed it in a website
  • Integration with GIPHY and YouTube

TakeAway: Hold billionaires accountable for the harm they cause by spreading misinformation. Revise Section 230.


Note: * Dr. Evil is a fictional character from the Austin Powers movie, but there are plenty of really evil people spreading COVID misinformation.

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