25 December, 2021

Jan 6 Investigation Roadmap

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Jan 6 investigation committee roadmap

Confused by the large number of people involved in the Jan 6th insurrection? Who has been charged by the Jan 6 Commission? Who's cooperating with the investigation? Who's stonewalling?

You're not alone. Fast moving, complex situations with lots of people create information overload. The facts are out there, but scattered across different websites, tweets, videos and documents. How does someone pressed for time stay informed? Relationship map presents information visually making it easy to share a lot of information quickly.

  • Maps are intuitive and easy to use.
  • They don't overwhelm the read with lots of data but let them choose how much information they want.
  • Relationship maps are a convenient clearinghouse for information from different sources.
  • They can be read on a phone, tablet or laptop.
  • The relationship map can be updated with new information as needed so readers get the latest information.
  • Readers can see the big picture and also find out more about a person's involvement by clicking on an icon.
  • They can easily search for an individual, group, incident or document.
  • Readers choose how they the type of information - text, video, tweet or an audio track.
  • They can easily share the map with others using a link or QR Code.

The Jan 6 Investigation Roadmap was created in a day with the free Kumu app. It references dozens of sources and is a work in progress. Let us know of other information that should be added to the map.

Jan 6 investigation committee roadmap

Share the map freely with this link
Embed it in a website with this code
< iframe src="" width="940" height="600" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Make it easy to read on any device

Many people get their information on their phones. Kumu relationship maps detect what type of device (phone/tablet/computer) is being used and automatically re-format the map accordingly.

Many people get their information on their phones. Kumu relationship maps detect what type of device (phone/tablet/computer) is being used and automatically re-format the map accordingly.

Make it easy to share

Relationship maps can be share with a link that can be emailed or posted on Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram as a QR Code. Clicking on the link or scanning the QR Code directs people to the Jan 6 Investigation Roadmap. We used the free QR Code Generator app to create the QR Code for this map.

Use QR Codes to make it easy for people to share your message with others.

Keep it simple

Relationship maps are easy to learn and use. They allow users to search, focus in on specific items and get further details. The map includes a short online tutorial as well on how to use it.

How to use the relationship map.

TakeAway: Fight disinformation. Share your message broadly with Kumu relationship maps so the facts are easy to grasp and share.


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