26 November, 2021

Want colorblind justice? Vote for fair Local Prosecutors.

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Jackie Johnson, the former prosecutor charged with misconduct for her handling of the Ahmaud Arbery case was booked and released.

Jackie Johnson, the former prosecutor charged with misconduct in handling the Ahmaud Arbery case.

"Johnson was Brunswick District Attorney when three white men chased and fatally shot Arbery. The indictment alleges Johnson used her position to discourage police from making arrests in the 25-year-old Black man's killing." - ABC News

"Gregory McMichael, a one-time investigator in Jackie Johnson's office, called her after his son shot Arbery to death in the street. Investigators allege Johnson meddled in the case before handing over the reins. She was indicted for obstructing police—after allegedly directing officers to not arrest the McMichaels after the incident. The indictment also states that Johnson showed “favor and affection” to Gregory McMichael and failed to treat Arbery’s family “fairly and with dignity”. - Daily Beast

95% of Prosecutors are white and 83% male.

There are more than 2,400 elected prosecutors in this country, and only 1% are women of color).

Most elected prosecutors run unopposed according to a big new study, and regularly win reelection.

Ben & Jerry

Want color blind justice? Vote for fair Local Prosectors and Sheriffs. Your life and liberty might just depend on it.

State schedules for Local Prosecutor and Sheriff elections (App)

Prosecutors are paid with tax payer dollars. Vote for Local Prosecutors who will deliver fair, color-blind justice and reduce mass incarceration.

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Local Prosecutors may determine your fate

"After people are arrested, their fate is largely in the hands of a prosecutor. Whether they are penalized for poverty, have a fair shot at fighting charges, know what evidence they are confronting, or are locked up are all impacted by prosecutors’ decisions and the recommendations prosecutors make to the judges handling their cases. Your lead prosecutor has a duty to be responsive to you and other constituents and to run the office in a manner that is reflective of the community’s vision for its justice system." - Vera

"Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr's office is prosecuting Jackie Johnson. She recused herself and referred the case to Waycross Judicial Circuit District Attorney George Barnhill, who later recused himself — but not before sending a letter to Glynn police advising that he believed the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery was justified." - ABC News

Your vote determines the justice you'll get

Prosecutors determine how and whether to charge someone with a crime - After someone has been arrested, they determine which crime to charge that person with, or whether to charge them at all.

Prosecutors control the plea-bargaining process -  97% of federal and state cases are settled by a plea bargain. Prosecutors, rather than judges or juries, decide someone’s guilt. 

They help decide how much bail to charge - Most people in jail are there only because they can’t afford to pay bail, turning “innocent until proven guilty” into something more like “guilty until proven wealthy.” Prosecutors can change that. They can actually stop using money bail. Black defendants are more likely than white defendants to be assigned money bail—and the bail amounts are almost $10,000 higherOpens a new window on average than those assigned to white defendants. Black people are routinely locked up more often before trial.

They can put the brakes on mass incarceration - Decades of “tough on crime” policies have resulted in prosecutors expanding mass incarceration - a failed, racist policy that doesn’t make us safer. Elect reform-minded prosecutors who can decline to prosecute or recommend alternatives to incarceration, like putting individuals in diversion or treatment programs.

Most prosecutors run for election - Prosecutors are elected in most states. This means that you have a say in how our criminal justice system is run. Change the system by voting for reform-minded prosecutors.


Vera - Works to build safe, healthy, empowered communities and a fair, accountable justice system. They aims to end the over criminalization and mass incarceration of people of color, immigrants, and people experiencing poverty.
Zealous - Activates, trains and supports Public Defenders and local organizations they serve to move their advocacy outside of court to end mass criminalization.
Winning Justice - Holds prosecutors accountable to transform our criminal justice system and build power for our communities. 
Ben & Jerry's - Raising public awareness of the importance of electing fair Public Prosecutors

TakeAway: Prosecutors are paid with tax payer dollars. Vote for Local Prosecutors to provide fair, non-racist justice and reduce mass incarceration.



Ahmaud, arbery, ahmaud arbery, justice, trial, verdict. Need non-racist local prosecutors. Reduce mass incarceration.
Ahmaud, arbery, ahmaud arbery, justice, trial, verdict. Need non-racist local prosecutors. Reduce mass incarceration.
Ahmaud, arbery, ahmaud arbery, justice, trial, verdict. Need non-racist local prosecutors. Reduce mass incarceration. Arbery killed while jogging.
Still separate and unequal. Ahmaud, arbery, ahmaud arbery, justice, trial, verdict. Need non-racist local prosecutors. Reduce mass incarceration.
Ahmaud, arbery, ahmaud arbery, eric garner, george floyd. Need non-racist local prosecutors. Reduce mass incarceration.

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