23 November, 2021

Use ethnic media outlets to reach minority communities

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Ethnic media outlets provide fair and relevant news to minority communities

Ethnic news outlets offer relevant and accurate news coverage to their communities. They counter-balance the negative messages and racist story selection from some large corporate news outlets.

"Ethnic news outlets have been filling a void in local news, and serving up coverage that seeks to rectify journalistic bias in story selection and how news is framed. The spread of "news deserts" — areas where local newspapers have folded and communities have no coverage — has endangered the critical role the press plays in disseminating accurate news and empowering the public in a democracy." - Axios

Ethnic media outlets play a crucial role in fighting racism and disinformation. They deserve your support and advertising.

This map uses data from the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York to show Black and Hispanic media outlets. Use it to identify media outlets to reach minority communities.

Use ethnic media outlets to reach minority communities

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The importance of Black Media

"As the COVID-19 pandemic disproportionately claimed Black lives, protests against police violence spread the country, and during a contentious election year, Black media covered racism, access to voting, and health concerns at the top of Black communities’ minds earlier, more often, and in greater depth than mainstream outlets. They centered Black communities in their coverage, quoting Black people and experts more often than mainstream media did, and contextualized their coverage with links to historic events, wider societal issues, and Black majority countries worldwide. Read the report here." - CUNY

Hedge funds buy local news outlets

"Alden Global Capital announced an offer to acquire Lee Enterprises. Purchasing Lee Enterprises would essentially create a local news duopoly between Alden and Gannett/Gatehouse, which merged in 2019. Roughly half of America’s daily newspapers are already controlled by investment groups. Alden's takeover would make it a clear majority." - Axios

Corporate ownership of news outlets threatens free speech

"In the 15 years leading up to 2020, more than one-fourth of the country’s newspapers disappeared, leaving residents in thousands of communities – inner-city neighborhoods, suburban towns and rural villages – living in vast news deserts. Simultaneously, half of all local journalists disappeared, as round after round of layoffs have left many surviving papers – the gutsy dailies and weeklies that had won accolades and Pulitzer Prizes for their reporting – mere “ghosts,” or shells of their former selves. Compounding the problem, there has been a lack of capital and funding available to support a variety of for-profit, nonprofit and publicly funded news organizations attempting to thwart the rise of news deserts." - CISLM

TakeAway: Use ethnic media news outlets to reach minority communities and support independent news.


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