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Put People First, Not Politics. Hold politicians accountable and demand they pass the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT so every American has a say in how their tax dollars are spent.

"GOP lawmaker takes credit for infrastructure funding after voting against it" - American Independent

Why do Republicans block funds that would help the lives of the people who elected them? How do they cling to office while neglecting their constituents? Attack other Republicans who voted for infrastructure spending? How are their own districts coping with poverty, unemployment, lack of internet access? Judge for yourself with this StoryMap which lays out the facts:

  • How the bill helps fix roads and bridges, creates jobs, provides clean water and internet?
  • Who are the thirteen Republicans in Congress and ten Senators who voted for the bill?
  • How could these funds help states like Florida where Marco Rubio voted against the bill?
  • How could districts like Arizona-04 benefit from the funds where Paul Gosar voted against the bill?
  • How corporate politicians serve wealthy donors but manage to cling to office by suppressing voters?
  • What can you do to make sure your interests are represented?

Call out Republicans who shower tax breaks on wealthy donors but block resources to improve the lives of their constituents. Challenge the voter suppression and gerrymandering they to use to cling to office while ignoring tax payers who pay their salaries.

Put People First, Not Politics. Hold politicians accountable and demand they pass the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT so every American has a say in how their tax dollars are spent.

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Republican hypocrisy

"The popularity of the new law was evident today when Republicans began to tout its benefits for their districts, despite their votes against it. Representative Gary Palmer (R-AL), for example, told his constituents: “Funding the Northern Beltline has consistently been one of my top priorities.” He added, “Birmingham is currently one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country without a complete beltline around it. Completing the Northern Beltline will benefit the entire region and enhance economic development and employment opportunities.” Completion of the road will create more than $2 billion in 10 years, he noted, and could create 14,000 jobs.

And yet, Palmer voted against the bill. When it passed, he tweeted: "The Democrats' recklessly expensive infrastructure bill finally passed tonight after weeks of disarray among their caucus." - Heather Richardson

Present the facts

This StoryMaps overlays data from the American Community Survey on poverty, unemployment, internet access and healthcare over Congressional Districts and States. It also highlights the thirteen Republican congressional districts where the rep voted for the Infrastructure Bill and the ten Republican Senators who voted for the bill. You can quickly see how the funds provided in the bill would help your community, but your elected official voted to deny you those resources. Why?

Senator Marco Rubio (R) - Florida

Marco Rubio voted against the infrastructure bill that will help Florida immensely.
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Paul Gosar (R) - Arizona 4th Congressional district

Paul Gosar voted against the infrastructure bill that will help Arizona's 4th Congressional district immensely.
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TakeAway: Hold politicians accountable for representing the needs of their constituents but serving only their wealthy donors. Fight the voter suppression they use to cling to office.


Republicans attack their own for voting to get resource for their constituents.

President Biden delivers on his promise to invest in American infrastructure that would help all Americans.

FOX News spreads disinformation about the infrastructure bill and hides how it will benefit millions of Americans.

Republicans spend trillions on weapons but neglect investments in American infrastructure.

Republicans rely on voter suppression to cling to office.

Pass For The People Act so all Americans have a say in important decisions.

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