15 November, 2021

How are the Jan 6th insurrection organizers connected?

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Mapping the connections between the Jan 6th insurrection organizers

It's hard to keep track of the people involved and with the Jan 6th insurrection. Software can help.

How are they connected? What was their role? How have been indicted? Subpoenaed? Who is cooperating? Relationship maps help connect the dots.

This relationship map was designed with the free Kumu app using publicly available information. Relationship maps can include videos, documents, transcripts of speeches and more in a short digital story that can be scanned in seconds or read in detail.

Mapping the links between the Jan 6th organizers

n 6th organizers

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How relationship maps simplify complexity

Relationship maps show the connections between people, organizations and events as icons. You can see the big picture at a glance or dig into a specific person for details and see their connections.

Easy to keep current. This map for instance has details of Steve Bannon turning himself into the authorities a few minutes before this blog was published. Relationship maps are stored in the cloud and can be updated as needed.

Rich content. Relationship maps can include text, links, images, video, maps, transcripts. This lets you connect a wide range of information into a simple to understand story with links to more information. There's also a link on the map with a secondary link to the information sources used.

Easy to search. In the short demo, a search is done on Louie Gohmert. This leads the reader directly to the information on that individual.

Easy to share and read on any device. Relationship maps can be shared as a link and automatically reformat to the device that the reader is using such as a phone, tablet or laptop.

How to use the relationship map.

TakeAway: Use relationship maps to simplify and explain things, such as schemes to destroy American democracy.



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