14 November, 2021

Cause of death? Killed by police.

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Police killings cause thousands of deaths. Black people are three times more likely to be be killed than Whites. Reform is needed to ensure police accountability.

"Black people are three time more likely to be killed by police. Most police killings begin with traffic stops and non-violent offenses and where no crime was alleged." - Mapping Police Violence

How many people have been killed? Which states and cities have the most police killings? How many of the victims were unarmed? We mapped the data from Mapping Police Violence.

Numbers don't lie. Neither do the dead.

Police killing reveal extreme racial disparity and little accountability.

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Mapping Police Violence

"Law enforcement agencies across the country provide little basic information about the lives they have taken. The Deaths in Custody Reporting Act mandates this data be reported, but it is unclear whether police departments will actually comply with this mandate and, even if they do decide to report this information, it could be several years before the data is fully collected, compiled and made public." 

Make data easier to interpret

This data provides insights into patterns of police violence across the country including information on over 9,000 killings by police nationwide since 2013. This data does not include killings by vigilantes or security guards who are not off-duty police officers." - Mapping Police Violence (MPV)

We mapped MPV data with ArcGIS Online in a time sequence map which makes it easy to see where and when police killings have taken place. This map is interactive so you can click on any of the dots for details on the incident.

Police killings cause thousands of deaths. Black people are three times more likely to be be killed than Whites. Reform is needed to ensure police accountability.

"The Mapping Police Violence database includes information on the officers involved in each case (both the officers who killed the person and any other officers on the scene during the use of deadly force), including the names and race of the officers, any prior deadly force incidents involving that officer that have been reported by the media, and whether the case resulted in any administrative discipline, civil suits and/or misconduct settlements. This information is among the most difficult to obtain, especially in states that restrict or prohibit information about police misconduct or discipline from being made public.

Black people are three times more likely to be killed by police. There is no accountability for the police.
Police killed Black people at higher rates in 47 of the 50 largest cities.

TakeAway: Make it easier for people to understand the scourge of police killings and how to demand reform.


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