4 November, 2021

Voter suppression crime scene

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Stop the Republican voter suppression crime

Keep it simple. This QR Code packs dozens of Republican voter suppression bills and encourages readers to call their senator to demand they support the John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

Scanning the QR Code leads to an interactive map with details on the Republican voter suppression bills from the Brennan Center. A link shows how to contact their senator to demand they support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Fast, simple and easy to share.

Voter suppression crime scene

QR Codes are easy to share on social media. Viewers are invited to learn more with a graphic and a simple message. Scanning the QR Code leads to an interactive map with a Splash Screen that provides more details. Viewers can get more details from the map and dig deeper to get more details on the Republican voter suppression bills from the Brennan Center. There's also a link which makes it easy to contact your senator to demand they support the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Keep it simple.

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Voter suppression seen on phone

The crime scene map created with ArcGIS Online recognizes what type of device is being used (phone, tablet or laptop) and displays the map accordingly.

Voter suppression  as see on a phone

Pyramid style storytelling

This simple narrative is designed to engage the viewer step by step and let them dig in for details, and make it easier for them to share the message with others on social media. We used a simple graphic with QR code and URL that is easy to share.

Use a pyramid stye storytelling to engage viewers.

Restrictive Legislation

"The 33 laws enacted so far in 2021 have various impacts, including but not limited to making mail voting and early voting more difficult, imposing harsher voter ID requirements, and making faulty voter purges more likely.

In an emerging trend, restrictive laws in four states — Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, and Texas — impose new or more stringent criminal penalties on election officials or other individuals.  These new criminal laws will deter election officials and other people who assist voters from engaging in ordinary, lawful, and often essential tasks. People in Georgia can now be charged with a crime for handing out water or snacks to voters waiting in line at the polls.  In Iowa and Kansas, people could face criminal charges for returning ballots on behalf of voters who may need assistance, such as voters with disabilities. And in Texas, election officials could face criminal prosecution if they encourage voters to request mail ballots or regulate poll watchers’ conduct." - Brennan Center


TakeAway: Keep your message simple, visual and easy to share - along with a call to action.



Voter suppression is a crime against all Americans
The John Lewis Voting Rights bill protects Democracy.
Republicans pass voter suppression bills in several states making it harder to vote
Republicans deny minorities their voting power
Stop the Voter Suppression crime QR Code
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