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Make it easy to find and read your answers in Zoom interviews with the BigStage Teleprompter

Ace your Zoom interviews by scrolling your answers on screen, and read them naturally without ever looking away from the camera.

Zoom calls go better when you have your talking points in front of you. You never know what questions your might be asked, so be ready with answers to different questions and launch them immediately in your onscreen teleprompter. You appear more polished and confident - your Zoom audience doesn't see the teleprompter app!

This example is about media interviews advocating for the Billionaires Income Tax plan. There are two related questions on how the plan relates to Build Back Better and how it would impact billionaires like Jeff Bezos. The blog explains how to:

  • Upload your talk points into the free BigStage Teleprompter
  • Prepare for anticipated questions and launch those answers if needed
  • Find and launch your script on your phone with QR codes
  • Share your script with others so they can amplify your message
    Get real time help with answers from others right in your teleprompter
  • Update your script so your extended team always has the latest version

The Billionaire tax plan helps fund the Build Back Better plan which helps all Americans.

Better Zoom interviews

Newscasters and performers use teleprompters to stay on message and on time. As more presentations move online, it's helpful for job seekers, hiring managers, reps, candidates and activists to have similar tools too. The BigStage Teleprompter is a free app designed for this need. A premium version ($5/month) provides additional features.

You can type in or upload what you're going to say. Have different scripts and answers to possible questions. Share your script with others, co-present and get real time help right in the teleprompters. Learn more here.

In this example three scripts were created with content from the Billionaire Income Tax toolkit from Americans for Tax Fairness and Build Back Better plan from AGIS Partners.
Billionaire Income Tax

Build Back Better plan
Jeff Bezos net worth and income tax paid

Clicking on any of these links launches the script in a teleprompter. The Billionaire Income Tax script has two 'TAGs' at the bottom which can be clicked. This launches other answers about the Build Back Better plan and Jeff Bezos in separate windows. These TAGs let you be ready for possible questions in your Zoom session.

Make your answers easy to find and read in a Zoom session with the BigStage Teleprompter

Present better on Zoom

QR Codes are a convenient way to quickly find your script and share it with others on social media. Supporters scan the code to get the free teleprompter app preloaded with your script in it ready to use and amplify your message. Any changes you make to the script are immediately reflected in their teleprompter app.

Co-presenters can share a script so they know when it's there turn to present. Co-presenters can send messages and answers to each other right through the teleprompter.

Perform better on Zoom interviews with the onscreen BigStage Teleprompter which only you, and not your audience can see.

Ace your Zoom interviews by scrolling your answers on screen, and read them naturally without ever looking away from the camera.

Perform better on Facetime

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TakeAway: Ace your Zoom interviews by scrolling your answers on screen and read them naturally without ever looking away from the camera with the BigStage Teleprompter.


Image credit: Nappy and Pexels

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