28 September, 2021

TARJIMLY connects volunteer translators with nonprofits

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TARJIMLY connects volunteer translators with nonprofits

The free Tarjimly app connects nonprofits with bi-lingual volunteers to overcome language barriers.

Tarjimly was founded in 2017 to improve the lives of refugees and the efficiency of humanitarian services by eliminating language barriers. Over 9,000+ Tarjimly volunteers have helped over 17,000 refugees and aid workers in critical events during emergency medical services, asylum interviews, trauma counseling, and rescue operations. Volunteers live in 95 different countries, speak over 80 different languages, and engage in over 3,000 translations per week.

TARJIMLY connects volunteer translators with those in need through a free mobile app available for both iOS and Android phones.

How TARJIMLY works

The Tarjimly mobile app allows the world’s 3 billion multilingual speakers to remotely volunteer their language skills as translators and interpreters for the 65 million displaced people. Today, it is the most accessible translator service in the world.

When a refugee, asylum seeker, or humanitarian worker requests a translator for a particular language, Tarjimly’s machine learning matching algorithm selects the best volunteer available in our community of 8,000+ people. This person is then connected in a live chat with the person in need, where they can send text, documents, and start a phone or video call.

- Refugees, asylum seekers, immigrants, and people who support them download the Tarjimly mobile app on iOS or Android.
- Volunteers and beneficiaries needs choose their language and Tarjimly finds and connects them to a translator in seconds.
- Tarjimly connects the Translator and Beneficiary in a live chat session where they can send text, voice notes, documents, or start a live phone call.

TARJIMLY is easy to use for volunteers and those in need.

TARJIMLY supported languages

TARJIMLY volunteers help with many languages

Overcoming the language barrier

"A nonprofit contacted families to see what help they needed items during the pandemic. A volunteer delivering aid couldn't find their home and wanted to contact them to see if he had the correct address. But he couldn't speak Arabic and was unable to communicate with the family. He used the Tarjimly app to connect with a volunteer interpreter to confirm the address using Tarjimly’s Conference Calling feature. The interpreter was able to share the correct address with the volunteer". Read more case studies here.

Volunteer your language skills

Tarjimly Cares enables organizations to activate their employee and community base towards social good. Its provide everything you need to make high-impact, skill-based, remote, on-demand volunteering opportunities available.

Tarjimly mobilizes of thousands of everyday bilingual volunteers as remote translators to eliminate language barriers for refugees and humanitarians. Volunteers are immediately notified through the Tarjimly Mobile App when someone needs their help. They can Accept or Reject requests at their convenience. That's why they need thousands of volunteers to maintain Tarjimly's fast response time. This proven method is especially helpful in this time of social distancing, where remote volunteering is becoming even more critical and immigrant communities are some of the hardest hit by COVID-19. Volunteers can even earn one of our Tarjimly Certifications giving them a professional skill-building asset for their time and effort.

TakeAway: The free Tarjimly app connects bi-lingual volunteers to overcome language barriers and help those in need. Volunteer your language skills and help support Tarjimly.


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