8 September, 2021

Provide Eviction Protection and other forms while building contact lists automatically with MailBots

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Scan this to get the Eviction Protection Declaration Form

Millions of Americans could be left homeless after the Supreme Court's decision to lift the eviction moratorium. How can tenants find the forms that might protect them from being evicted?

People struggle to find the information they need - especially when they don't have internet access or are unfamiliar with online searches. Organizer can help people find what they are searching for and build opt-in contact lists at the same time with which to follow up with them later. MailBots are a simple, affordable solution for this need. Mailbots watch for incoming email requests, look up the answer and reply automatically with the form requested.

Use Mail Bots to provide the forms people need and build contact lists automatically.

Get information to those who need it faster

Organizers can help people and collect their information in order to mobilize them later with MailBots.
1. Choose a keyword like 'eviction' in this case that you'd like people to send to get the form they need. You can have multiple keywords for location specific requests such Eviction-Miami, Eviction-Houston...
2. Find the document(s) or forms that you want to provide them. Forms could be one from one or multiple websites. These forms can be updated with newer versions when necessary.
3. Upload the documents to Google Drive
4. Promote the free service to get forms on social media, email and flyers. Users simply send an email to with the keyword you've chosen as the SUBJECT of their email.
This MailBot service is currently free for groups working on evictions, social justice and voting rights causes. Apply here.

Send an email to with the subject 'eviction' or scan the QR code above.

Email bot provides automated answers to inquiry based on the keyword used in title line

Eviction Protection Declaration

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued an order that may protect you from being evicted or removed from where you are living. This means that you may be able to stay at the place where you live through October 3, 2021, if you qualify. How to use this form

- See if you qualify for eviction protection under the CDC order. If you’d like help from an expert, contact the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) at (800) 569-4287 or go to to get contact information for a local housing counselor.
- Sign the declaration that you qualify, on the next page.
- Give the signed declaration page to the individual or company you rent from (for example, building management, landlord, etc.).
- Keep a picture or copy for your records and call your expert back if there’s a problem.
If your landlord violates the CDC order, they could be subject to criminal penalties, including fines or a term of imprisonment.

Pick the bot that's right for you

Chatbots interact with users in different ways. Some respond to text messages while others recognize spoken requests. Choose the form that align with how your intended audience likes to communicate, the size of the group you are targeting and your budget. Here are some tips:

Textbots are commonly used and around one cent/text for every message the chatbot sends and cost about $100 and a day to set up.
Voicebots that respond to spoken requests work best for those with only a landline phone, the elderly and disabled and cost about 1.5 cents/minute.
MailBots do not have a per message fee but usually take 2-3 minutes to respond to a request. People can also use temporary email addresses to make inquiries and protect their privacy with free services such as GuerrillaMail and ThrowAwayMail.

Bots doing good

Infobots help the needy find food banks and clinics while building contact lists at the same time
Community organizing with diaper banks
MailBots fight voter suppression by helping the disabled and seniors find voting info
Republican voter suppression targets the visually disabled. Voicebots inform and mobilize them
Juneteenth! Celebrate with community outreach and power building
Organize Workers Forced To Re-Enter COVID-19 Infected Facilities
Talk To Me

TakeAway: Make it easier for people without internet access and tech savvy to get the forms they need with MailBots.


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