23 August, 2021

Fight gaslighting. Replay what they said before.

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Mike Pompeo hypocrisy on display as he denies his bungling in Afghanistan

Some people try to rewrite history by denying what they said. Keep them honest by replaying their own words. There's an app for that.

The best antidote to deception is to play back what they said in the past. Good newscasters do it. How can a small group with little money, staff nor technical skills do this to fight gaslighting? How can past video clips be collected and shown at a moment's notice during an online presentation or interview? How can such talking points and videos be shared with other like-minded groups?

Let's contrast what former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in 2020 interviews with his current statements using the Big Stage Teleprompter.

Presenting the facts in an interview

Chris Wallace interviews Mike Pompeo on FOX NEWS about his deal to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners

Pompeo’s Hometown Paper Roasts His Afghan Hypocrisy

"That other Republicans are criticizing Biden's implementation of Trump's deal is one thing," the Star's editorial board explains. "But Pompeo personally oversaw the Trump Administration's Afghanistan withdrawal discussions with Taliban co-founder Abdul Ghani Baradar, whom the CIA had arrested in 2010. He'd been in a Pakistani prison until Trump got him out two years ago. So, it's a little bit stunning to watch Pompeo accuse Biden of 'leading with weakness' by finishing the troop withdrawal that Trump planned to accomplish even more quickly." - National Memo

Interview like the pros without the expense

Conduct online interviews and presentations with these steps.

We collected publicly available video clips from the U.S. Department of State and other public sources.
We chose three video clips which were first transcribed to make it easier for people to watch the videos.

The Afghan War is unwinnable
Our generals have determined that this war is unlikely to be won militarily without tremendous additional resources. All sides are tired of fighting. The declaration that the future of their country resides in their hands, not ours.

The future of Afghanistan is in the hand of its people, not ours
The signing of the U.S. Taliban agreement in Doha together with the realization of the US Afghan joint declaration in Kabul laid the groundwork for the road ahead toward a lasting peace in Afghanistan. We know that the road ahead will be difficult. Indeed Trump discussed this very issue directly with Taliban Deputy Leader Mullah Berader on Tuesday of this week. The future of this peace process isn't just about what we do or what the Taliban does, it's about getting the Afghan people together to solve this problem that has plagued Afghanistan for now 40 years.

Chris Wallace - Mike Pompeo interview on FOX NEWS
You were the first American Secretary of State to ever meet with the Taliban. And you talked about how they had agreed to join us in the fight against terrorism. Here you are, sir. The gentlemen I met with agreed that they would break that relationship and that they would work alongside of us to destroy, deny resources, to and have Al Qaeda depart from that place. Do you regret giving the Taliban that legitimacy? Do you regret pressing the Afghan government to release 5,000 prisoners, which they did? Some of whom are now back on the battlefield, fighting with the Taliban.

Collect videos of what they said earlier and use those clips in interviews and presentations.

Create your teleprompter script and tags

Scripts of the questions to ask and their past comments and videos of their earlier comments are uploaded into the BigStage Teleprompter. A script can include 'TAGs' which will launch the corresponding script and video.

Clicking on a TAG launches the teleprompter script in a new browser tab so only the presenter can see it. The video clip is shown in a new browser window so that the person being interviewed and the audience can see it. This feature is handy as ZOOM, WebEx and other web conferencing apps allow the presenter to choose which browser windows they share with their audience.

Click on these links to see how it works:
Talking points script - What Mike Pompeo had said earlier. Clicking on this link launches a free teleprompter window with the script in it.
Video URL - of Chris Wallace's interview
Interview script (which has the private talking points and the public video clip). Clicking on this link launches a free teleprompter which has a URL of the National Memo article pointing out Mike Pompeo's hypocrisy. It also has three TAGS which link to:

The Afghan War is un-winnable
Talking points

The future of Afghanistan is in the hand of its people, not ours
Talking Points

Chris Wallace - Mike Pompeo interview on FOX NEWS
Talking Points

Share your scripts and research material with others in a free BigStage Teleprompter. Creating a script with TAGS and scripts longer than 300 words requires a premium version of the teleprompter that currently costs $5/month. Learn more here.

Use a person's original comments and captions to highlight hypocrisy and gas lighting.

TakeAway: Hold public officials accountable and challenge any gas lighting by replaying their original comments using the BigStage Teleprompter. Share your research and script in a free teleprompter so there's no dodging the truth.


Image Credit: U.S. Department of State

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