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Black women organizers disrupt existing power structures to bring about change in their communities. An innovative program helps train and support them in Louisiana.

The Power Coalition For Equity & Justice supports community-based activism and grassroots leadership development through She Leads to build a statewide network of women activist. These activists support citizens in addressing classism, racism, and marginalization in their own lives and communities. Smart use of free apps helps them accomplish more with few resources.

She Leads: Community Activist Fellowship since 2019, has been building a statewide network of women activists who are disrupting the current power structures and realizing change in their communities. Our grant making philosophy is simple: Invest in women of color who are working to build their communities through activism, and we change the course of life for under-resourced communities, families, children, and cities, and ultimately the state of Louisiana.

Power Coalition for Equity and Justice supports women community organizers in Louisiana.

Power Coalition

The Power Coalition for Equity and Justice is a 501c3 civic engagement table for the state of Louisiana in 2015. It believes in the power of leadership and taking action to fight for a more just and equitable system—our framework centers BIPOC communities in policy, organizing, and advocacy. The Power Coalition uses an integrated civic engagement strategy to amplifies the voices of those who have historically been ignored, and organize them into a unified movement with these principles:

The People Closest To The Problem Are Closest To The Solution: Those who are directly affected by harmful policies and inequitable systems should lead the movement for change.
Government Should Be Accountable To Citizens For Its Actions: Louisiana is at its best when it fulfills its Constitution’s promise to “secure justice for all, preserve peace, protect the rights, and promote the happiness and general welfare of the people."
Intersectionality Is Essential In Policy Advocacy: Power is built by working together across issue and policy areas, and constructing a shared frame for advocacy with one voice.

She Leads Community Activist Fellowship Program

‘She Leads’ equips women of color with the knowledge and information they need to find their voice and learn where and when to use it. Investing in women and women-led activism has the potential to change the trajectory for children in low-income communities across the nation. The program supports dynamic community leaders who make a difference in their communities but don’t have the resources to enhance their leadership and work.

Free apps for community-based activism

Free apps enable organizers to make a bigger impact in their communities with few resources. These are some of the free DemLabs tested resources that Power Coalition offers:

How to tell your personal story - 8 min video training course
Present better in Zoom meetings - with an onscreen teleprompter
Create advocacy and fundraising videos - free app with royalty-free video clips and soundtracks
Create your website quickly for free - with links, documents, images and videos
Digital StoryTelling - create a StoryMap with text, images, videos and maps
Use infographics to reach and persuade more people with this free app
Create GIFs the easy way to spread your message on Facebook and Twitter

Power mapping and strategic planning - interactive community organizing training with Heather Booth
Targeting with maps - use Statistical Analysis for demographic analysis to decide where to find supporters
Organize volunteer phone banks - 5 min video course to make more calls
Create relationship maps to expose relationships between corporations, donors and politicans

Use relational organizing to reach and persuade more people
Better canvassing app that multiple volunteers can use at the same time
Fundraising videos - create your own fundraising video for free
Create QR Codes for free to make it easier for supporters to get involved with your campaign
Collect and share information needed by your community with a free mobile app

TakeAway: Support women-led, community based activism like She Leads. Free apps enable them to make a bigger impact with fewer resources.


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