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Handle live briefings better with a dynamic teleprompter that lets you change the script based on audience questions.

Viewers catch any confusion in answering a question during an online briefing. Use a dynamic teleprompter, unless you're a veteran press secretary,

Traditionally newscasters and politicians read static scripts from teleprompters, but that doesn't work in a wide-ranging, interactive discussion. Presenters now use dynamic teleprompters so they can bring up the right answer to a question without even looking away from the camera.

Imagine you have an online briefing on COVID safety with a live Q&A session. There's a lot of information to share, but you're not sure what questions will arise. How can you organize responses so they're easy without having to wade through piles of information with your audience watching?

Create a dynamic script with your talking points and links to answers, graphics and further information that can be pulled up with just a click depending on what your audience is interested in. This is how it is done with the BigStage Teleprompter:
1. Prepare answers to likely questions as SCRIPTS in the teleprompter
2. Create a TAG which includes the SCRIPT and SLIDE that you will use when asked that question
3. Create your presentation and insert the relevant TAGs that you can launch in a flash

Prepare answers to likely questions

Handle questions in a live presentation easier with a dynamic script and teleprompter

Prepare TAGs with answers & graphics

How to create a dynamic script with both responses and slides.

Create a dynamic script with TAGs

Build dynamic responses by adding TAGs with talking points and graphics into your script so you can pull up the right answer immediately.

Train other presenters

Make it easy for others to present as well by sharing your talking points with them packaged in a free teleprompter app. Here are the eight scripts used in this presentation based on information from the Centers For Disease Control (CDC). Clicking on any of these links will launch a free teleprompter with the answer to that question. Press SCROLL to start the script scrolling.

How does the virus spread?
What is community spread?
When should I wash my hands?
What should I disinfect?
How safe are vaccines?
Where can I get a vaccine?
Does COVID affect my chances of having a baby?
Can a COVID vaccination make you magnetic?

These individual talking point were used to create TAGs along with a graphic to illustrate the answer. Click on this link to launch the COVID safety briefing in a free teleprompter app. It includes answers to eight questions along with links to graphics and further information. Clicking on a TAG launches a new tab in you browser window with the answer while your master script stays in its own tab. The graphic is launched in a separate browser so that it can be shared with your Zoom audience while still keeping your script hidden.

The BigStage Teleprompter also lets an assistant help you with the answer to a tough question that you had not anticipated. The answer they type in, appears immediately in your teleprompter screen.

TakeAway: Handle live online briefings like a veteran press secretary with a dynamic teleprompter.


Free resources:
The slides that are used in the tags were created in Google SLIDE and can be accessed here.
The icons created for this presentation can be freely accessed here.

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