14 May, 2021

Will COVID become a pre-existing condition used to deny health insurance?

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Will insurance firms deny health coverage to people who have had COVID? Republicans have vowed to kill the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans have vowed to kill the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Insurance companies could deny health insurance to over 32 million Americans by treating COVID as a pre-existing condition if Republicans steal back control by suppressing voters.

That's why the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT is a life-or-death matter for so many Americans.

Dan Pfeiffer, host of Pod Save America recently presented on a DemCast webinar. He advised making regular Americans aware of what's at stake for them as Republicans scheme to regain power by voter suppression, and demand their elected officials support democracy and pass the For The People Act.

This DemLabs StoryMap shows:
- Where the 32 million Americans who have suffered from COVID live
- Which counties had the the most COVID related deaths
- The state of CA-22 represented by Devon Nunes (R) which has had over 100,000 COVID cases
- How Nunes has been a strong opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
- Republicans enjoys lavish, tax-payer paid healthcare plans while they cut healthcare for others
- How the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT creates a more ethical and accountable government
- How people can contact their elected official to urge them to support the measure

Republican voter suppression bills put the ACA at risk (again)

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) prevents insurance companies from denying healthcare due to pre-existing conditions. If Republican voter suppression laws pass, they will be able to gut the ACA.

Designing a StoryMap

StoryMaps is a free storytelling app that combines text, stats, images, videos and maps. It lets you simplify complex issues into a visual, interactive story that can be freely shared. Make it personal. Readers can quickly find out about the situation where they live. Make it engaging with cartoon, GIFs and videos. This is how we designed this For The People Act - ACA StoryMap and the resources we used:

We used data from the John Hopkins University COVID Dashboard. This show the number of COVID cases and deaths by county. This information is regularly updated so the map stays up to date.

We used free images from Unsplash and cartoons licensed from Political Cartoons to illustrate the issue.

Details on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) from the Dept. of Health & Human Services

Details on the FOR THE PEOPLE ACT from the Brennan Center and Common Cause

Republican measures to cut the Affordable Care Act from The Commonwealth Fund and Health Reform Votes

Animated GIF on voting for healthcare from Into Action

How people can contact their elected official to demand they support For The People Act - US House of Representatives

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Keep the message simple. Especially when 32 million Americans may be at risk of losing their health insurance.

Make it easy for people to understand what's at stake for them - and what they can do about it before it's too late.


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