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Republican, Facebook and FOX News racism have consequences

Eight people including six Asian women killed in racist shooting spree with a gun bought hours earlier.

This isn't a random event. Hate crimes against Asian Americans have soared 150% in 2020.

Who is spreading this racism and misogyny? Who are the billionaires behind Facebook and major Republican donors? How do Republicans ignore violence against women but fight common sense gun safety measures? Who are the corporate advertisers that fund shows promoting misogyny on FOX? Which groups are fighting to reduce racism and demand accountability from Facebook and FOX?

This relationship map shows how these dark forces are interconnected and what you can do about it.

Mapping hate

How to use this map

This is an interactive map that you explore for details. It was created with Kumu, a free app using publicly available information.
- Click on an icon for more information
- Click on the line between two icons to understand the relationship between them
- Hover your mouse over an icon and click on the FOCUS button to concentrate on that area
- Zoom in or move the mouse for better visibility

Quiz: Do you know the money behind racism?

True or False? (Answers below)

1. The gun used in the Georgia killings was bought the same day?
2. A Georgia police chief and officer pushed out over racist, misogynist remarks caught on camera?
3. Georgia Sheriff was promoting T-shirt on Facebook that read "Covid 19 - IMPORTED VIRUS FROM CHY-NA?"
4. The CEO of the National Rifle Association is paid over $1 million annually?
5. Mitch McConnell's brother-in-law was a major, early investor in Facebook?
6. Republicans have been using the terms “China virus”, “Wuhan virus”, “kung flu"?
7. Over a hundred Republicans just voted against the Violence Against Women Act?
8. A former Republican operative who took part in the notorious “Brooks Brothers” riot to stop the vote recount in Florida during the 2000 election and deputy chief of staff to George W. Bush is now the VP of Global Policy at Facebook?

Takeaway: Hold lawmakers, ad networks and TV broadcasters for their actions in promoting racism and violence.


Answers: Found in the relationship map!

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