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How much will you get from the American Rescue Plan? Check this map.

Americans are feeling the benefits of public investment as they receive direct survival checks and tax credit expansions to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. This map shows the benefits your state will get.

The American Rescue Plan provides Americans with $1,400 in direct checks and expands Child Tax Credits to over $3,000 per child. The plan allocates about $145 billion for COVID-19 testing, tracing, and vaccine distribution; $350 billion in aid to state and local governments to help pay for essential workers and vaccine distribution; and over $125 billion to help safely reopen schools.

Big numbers are hard to visualize but become more meaningful when put into context of how much they can help each American. Make data easy to understand with a map like this one created by Invest in America and DemLabs, which explains how the American Rescue Plan will benefit each state.


Thanks to the robust public investment provided by the American Rescue Plan, every state in the country is on the road to recovery. Overall, the American Rescue Plan provides about $145 billion for COVID-19 testing, tracing, and vaccine distribution, as well as $350 billion in aid to state and local governments to help pay for essential workers and vaccine distribution.


Invest In America

Invest in America runs a campaign-style operation to influence the national debate in favor of robust public investment — both to combat the coronavirus crisis in the short-term and to also create growth and prosperity in the long-term. It aggressively makes the case that bold action from our government is both urgently needed and overwhelmingly popular — and that prioritizing deficit reduction and budget cuts are neither smart politics nor good policy for the American people.

The American Rescue Plan is a BFD

The American Rescue Plan is a BFD.

Storytelling with data

Data can be overwhelming. People are busy. So make sure to present the facts clearly. Here are some tips:
- Make it easy to understand. Can your readers easily find what they are looking for?
- Make it vivid. Is it visually appealing so that it encourages your readers to read further?
- Keep it up to date. Are the facts you're presenting current? Are the numbers easy to update?
Maps are intuitive and everyone is familiar to use them. Consider a map when presenting which relates to location such as this map which shows how the American Rescue Plan will benefit each state.

Data visualization makes it easy to understand information

Creating a map

Creating an interactive map is easier than you'd think. There are three basic steps:
- Collect the data that you want to present in an online spreadsheet (like Google Sheet)
- Using an online spreadsheet makes it easier to update the information that will refresh the map
- Organize the data with a field (like STATE) which makes it possible to put on a map
- Use a mapping software like ArcGIS Online to create your map. Non-profit licenses start from $150.
- Embed your map into a website or share it through social media

ArcGIS makes it easy to map data so that it is easier to understand

The truth will set you free

A good map helps expose the truth, especially when there are several factors involved. A recent project needed to show how Senator Manchin's decision to oppose the minimum wage of $15/hour would hurt West Virginia, the state that he represents and is one of the poorest in the country. This combines several factors - poverty, unemployment and the number of COVID cases in the state and overlaid by the county boundaries. This map combines all those variables in an easy to understand the data at a glance and understand the truth.

Joe Manchin opposes a minimum wage of $15/hour which will hurt West Virginia which is one of the poorest states in the country.

Takeaway: Data makes stories come to life. Make more compelling arguments and tell your story better with visually appealing data. Contact DemLabs for pro bono help with maps that serve the public good.


Image credit: Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

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