17 March, 2021

Jim Crow lives here

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Republicans propose Jim Crow style voter registration bills to cling to power.

Republican racists bills to suppress voting have been called "Jim Crow in a Suit".

We mapped where Jim Crow breeds, groups like ALEC supporting, companies supporting the politicians pushing voter suppression bills and what you can do to protect the right to vote.

This StoryMap make it easy to search dozens of bills being passed by state through an interactive map as well as:
- How Jim Crow laws have been used to marginalize African Americans by denying them the right to vote, hold jobs and get an education.
- Corporations funding Republicans pushing bills that deny Americans their right to vote
- How some of the nation's largest and richest companies invest millions of dollars each year to pass state laws putting corporate interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans through the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
- Details on For The People Act
- How people can contact their law maker, corporations and support groups fighting for democratic values

Republicans resort to Jim Crow style voter suppression laws to cling to power.

Creating this StoryMap

We used public information from sources including the Brennan Center, Washington Post, Common Cause, Public Information and Salon to create an interactive map that can be freely shared with this link or embedded in a website. The map was created with ArcGIS Online and can be updated with new information as Republicans (sadly) propose new schemes for voter suppression.

A digital story about Jim Crow which includes images, videos, cartoons and links to more resources was created with the free StoryMap app.

Takeaway: Mobilize support against Jim Crow style voter suppression. Expose how corporations and ALEC spend millions of dollars each year to pass state laws that put their interests ahead of the interests of ordinary Americans.


Image credit: Unsplash

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